Hally’s Hints

Raising the Vibration

There has been such an increase into awareness and insight of Spiritualism as well as the shift into Spiritualism that I wrote an Ebook on it… mostly because it is all about the energetic vibration and why this is so crucial right now.

The awareness of the collective is becoming more apparent and it is this that is being affected by incorrect information or those that want to take advantage for the gain of ego, not the collective.

To understand what this all means we need to take a step back…

Simply what does all of this mean?

Some believe we are in the Piscean Age, where as others know that we are actually in the Aquarius Age and have been for some time now.

Some believe that DNA can influence our energetic vibration, when in reality it is our energetic vibration that can influence our DNA.

Then there are those that believe that Spiritualism is purely physical, when the truth is that Spiritualism is connected to the physical however, completely separate to the physical.

Who is to be believed. They are all sound viable. Is the easy answer the right one or is the right answer simply the one that doesn’t need the wow factor of fabrication because it simply is; it exists, it is, without judgment, ego or belief.

As mentioned in my article last month there are two prominent vibrations occurring – the negative and the positive. The two will always exist; the two must exist for there to be balance. However, if the collective choose to go with the negative vibration this will cause a lowering of the vibration for all energetic beings and ultimately the planets and universe. Imagine what the impact of this will be…

If the vibration is positive and raised this will allow the fundamental of all life and existence – evolution and fulfillment of purpose.

The collective is driven by the majority which is determined by the individual that ironically is driven by the minority. It is said that ninety to ninety-five percent of the population are classified the ‘majority’ and then the minority are classified as the ‘esoteric’. It is the esoteric that create the change; the evolutionary shifts that cause the majority to move where they need to. It is done so obviously, so blatantly that it is never noticed. It is like breathing – it is done in every second of every day and yet no thought is given to this extremely necessary function.

The ironcy is that to raise your vibration it is as simple as listening to a song that inspires you. You know what I mean – that song where each note can be felt in your being right down to your toes and all the way through to your heart. It is that song where you can’t help but forget your surroundings and feel your body responding. This simple example is how natural and fundamental raising our energetic vibration is.

Some believe that to raise the vibration it is about being positive all of the time. It is so much simpler than that – it is aligning to yourself because being yourself is being in natural state; the easiest state to be in.

Aim not to follow what the fad is or an incredible movement into fabricated untruths; simply align to you, your core values and all aspects of yourself. It is here that your vibration will increase, it is here that your purpose will be found and fulfilled. It is here that you will become aware of your connection to the collective and what this means for you.

In other words, going back to what we started on… believe the truth within to find the answers to those questions that only you will ever know.

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