The twelve months of Virtues continues.

Our second month on our journey is centered on the word love. There is a lot of power in that four letter word. We use it without thinking about it most of the time and for me it usually involves ice cream or shoes. Many times the word love is spoken to convey a deep connection with another person. There is cynicism at times as well.

In January we looked at Simplicity as the foundational building block for the year of virtues. The power inherent in love gives depth and meaning to all we pursue, in our interactions with each other and in our personal interactions with the deities in which we draw strength. For of all the possible intent we may have, the teaching of Harm None is another way of saying Love All. Good, bad and ugly.

In the Christian New Testament, the power of love is front and center.  The Jesus story is all about love walking among humanity and being an example. In literature through out the ages the lessons of love are explored. Shakespeare was the master at showing the consequences of love forsaken as well as embraced.  These are just two examples. There are as many more as there are people on this planet.

So, where does that leave us as Pagans? How does Love fit in with our view of the world? There has been a lot of hate hurled toward us throughout the ages. For me, the Burning Times brings up all kinds of negative thoughts with Love nowhere to be found.  But I do believe that the power of intent is real and all comes back to me magnified. I work at releasing my own sense of hate in order to walk my talk and bring blessings to me and mine.

My walk with the Goddess has allowed me to fully sense the meaning of love in a very organic way. The quiet I feel during meditations opens my whole being to a sense of unconditional peace and love; An acceptance for who I am at my core – every molecule – past, present and future.  In the quiet of that moment, I hold all that is dear to me in love. Surrounded by pink light and released to the higher good of all concerned. Love at it’s most basic. The Simplicity of love.

As February unfolds, and commercials and card companies are everywhere extolling the virtue of love, let it remind us to turn within and find the power and depth of that word. Love.