Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Once Together – Always Together

Magick, which has been practiced and believed in for thousands of years, is based upon laws, which the practitioners believe in or at the least understand. These laws are not legislative laws but are recognized as the governing structure on the reason that magick behaves as it does. There are twenty-one of these laws but I would like to focus on the seventh law: The Law of Contagion.

The Law of Contagion states that things, which have once been in contact with each other, continue to act on each other at a distance even after physical contact has been severed. So everyone and everything you have ever touched has a magickal link with you. Depending on how prolonged or repeated this contact was depends on how strong this link remains. Think about this for a moment. How many things do you touch on a daily basis? You leave your own personal energetic or magickal imprint behind on each and every one of these things whether they are physical items or living beings. This is precisely the reason why many practitioners of magick use a taglock or a piece of their target in their spell work. Spit, urine, sweat, blood, semen, hair, skin, nail clippings – all give the best link to the target but other items can work as well such as a ring or piece of clothing that the target or person has worn.

Psychics utilize this magickal law when they practice psychometry. Psychometry is an ability in which an individual can glean information pertaining to a physical object by holding or touching it. For example, if an individual who practices psychometry holds an antique ring, he may be able to pick up information about the owner of the ring, about their life, the circumstances surrounding the owner when they came into possession of the ring and may be able to learn about the owner’s death. Emotions concerning these circumstances and events may come through the easiest.

So let’s take this concept and expand on it. If things we’ve owned or touched as well as bodily fluids or pieces of our physical body all still hold this magickal link to us, what does this imply about our body after death? Does our corpse still hold this magickal link? And if we were cremated, does this also apply to our ashes? What about organs, blood or plasma that we’ve donated? Does it matter whether we were alive or dead during the donation? Do these parts still hold our personal vibrational signature? And if so, what does that imply? Does that individual now know intimate things about us? About our life? Our secrets? Our personality?

What about the idea of taking the cremation ashes of a beloved and adding them to the ink of a tattoo that is then injected into the skin? Believe it or not – this is a common and even popular practice. These tattoos are called commemorative or ritual tattoos. And while there are articles that discuss the health concerns surrounding this practice I’m more interested in the application of The Law of Contagion. Is the link stronger than that of a stranger because it is the ashes of a beloved?

I think this idea is fascinating and thought provoking. The Law of Contagion implies that all these circumstances would in fact tie the receiver to the donor in a very intimate way. The personal vibrational signature would be retained within the item that was donated be it a kidney, a heart, bone, blood or other body part. Perhaps the receiver could even access memories and emotions of the donor. While I understand that we are all connected to each other and can access this same information through Spirit, for me there is at least an imagined ‘safe guard’ that some things pertaining to me and my life experience would not be shared unless I approved it. This may just be fantasy on my part but it makes me feel somewhat comfortable and at ease that all my dirty little secrets wouldn’t be exposed to a stranger without my consent. But after discussing and contemplating what The Law of Contagion defines I now understand that the recipient of: my personal property, parts of my physical body or my remains are given unlimited access to my life experiences and binds me magickally or energetically to that individual. And to be honest with you, dear reader, I’m not too sure how I actually feel about this. Oh, I understand this is my ego drenched in fear and low-level vibrations experiencing this and they truly don’t serve me with any purpose but it is my initial response to The Law of Contagion.

So will I donate blood in the future? Be an organ donor? Will I be more cautious with my nail clippings and hair? I’m not sure. But I do know that I will pause for a moment and consider the implications. What about you?