Book Review: Spells for Self-improvement

Spells for Self-improvement   Using Magic for Personal Success

by  Lauren White

©  2000    Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN:  0-7407-0552-0

102 pages

Hardcover                        $9.95 (U.S.)

As you would rightly expect upon seeing this book for the first time (it is about 5 inches square), it is extremely basic and written with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  For all of that, there is still a certain amount of wisdom contained within the amusing writing.  Basics are provided in terms of color uses and some flowers and herbs, and the reader is reminded that witchCRAFT is just that – a craft – and takes patience and practice to perfect.

Regular readers of my reviews know that I have often bemoaned the preponderance of “101” books on the market.  Well, this is not a “101” book – it is a “pre-101” book.  It is capable of being used even by children, in some instances.  It gives a very broad overview of the sorts of things which anyone can do to improve  their life, as is indicated in the subtitle “Using Magic for Personal Success.”

The spells are all very short and simple yet, based on years of experience, they should be fairly effective.  Of course the one disadvantage of this book, because of the size of it, is that there is minimal explanation of the reasoning behind the spells.  The correspondences of the items chosen are explained in extremely basic terms, but that is a good thing, as far too many authors go into great depths and thus confuse their readers.

Each spell provides a level of difficulty, length of time for results, and reliability (all rated from one to three).  While I wouldn’t use this particular system, it works for the author, and it should work for the user.

For the experienced practitioner, this book is unnecessary.  For the individual hoping to learn what makes magic work, it is not helpful.  But for the person looking for some quick inspiration and guidance, it is quite valuable.  Browse through it and simply enjoy what is offered.