Meditation Moment

A Sacred Union

Beltaine is a time of pleasure, joy, and sacred sexuality.  It is the marriage and consummation of the Goddess and the God according to Wiccan and some other Pagan mythologies.  This meditation seeks to unite the God and Goddess within you.

You need a quiet comfortable space, uninterrupted time, and possibly something to write with and on.  You may choose to have someone read this to you, or to record your own voice reading it with appropriate pauses so that you can meditate with your eyes closed.

Imagine you are lying in a hammock strung up between two palm trees on a Caribbean beach.  Sunlight sparkles on the turquoise water as the waves sing you to sleep.  A balmy breeze keeps you cool as you rock back and forth, back and forth, loving life, rocking back and forth, relaxing, relaxing, relaxed.

There is a tidal pool nearby, and you feel drawn to it.  You kneel beside the pool and look over the edge, expecting to see all sorts of colorful sea life.  Instead, you see that the bottom of the pool is black obsidian.  The pool forms a mirror, reflecting the darkest parts of yourself back at you, distorted by the waters of emotion.

Even the darkest parts of you are beautiful.  In the brilliant sunlight, on the beautiful, peaceful, healing beach, you can see yourself through the eyes of unconditional love.  You are looking into the eyes of the Goddess.  You are looking into the eyes of the God.  And Both are smiling back at you with total loving acceptance.

Looking into your own Divine eyes, you realize that what you sometimes see as a flaw is actually just a part of your wholeness.  The thoughts, behaviors, memories, emotions, and habits that upset or embarass you are all still a part of you.  You have denied them, repressed them, and turned them into your sacred Shadow.

Now you have the opportunity to embrace the darkest part of yourself and bring it into the light.  You have the power to transform those fears, doubts, and pains into new passions, adventures, and joys.

If you are ready, look into your eyes and promise to honor and cherish all of your Self.  Promise to love and take care of yourself in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, as long as this lifetime shall last.  Kiss your reflection if you feel moved to do so.  Perhaps you’d like to bathe in this sacred pool, or in the waves that beckon a few yards away.

If you are not ready to make that much commitment, ask your Self, or the Divine, what steps you can take in your day to day life to help you on your path to loving yourself and making your life the best one so far.  Listen, watch, feel.

When you are done, find your way back to your hammock.  Watch the brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows of the rejuvenating sunset over the violets, blues, and greens of the living water as you rock back and forth, back and forth, loving life as you rock back and forth, back to your body, relaxing, relaxing, opening your eyes.

Welcome back!

Now you might want to have a drink or a snack.  Perhaps consummate your new relationship with yourself?  All acts of love and pleasure…

Blessed Beltaine, Happy Mother’s Day, and make it a fantastic month!