Hally’s Hints

The Picture of Your True Self

The only black and white that exists is within the conscious interpretation. Outside of this the essence of the right from wrong and the equality of karma is all about balance; harmony.

What goes up must come down but this does not make it black or white. Magic, spiritualism, and everything in between is not defined by colour but rather, by intention. What may seem one thing on the surface does not necessarily define the colour; intention of the energetic self. Consider the analogy of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When being true to oneself the sheep is the sheep internally and externally. The wolf is internal as well as external. It provides connection and power; unity and most of all balance. The wolf then is not coming from a place of evil or bad and the lamb is no longer vulnerable and gullible. It is then that the balance of strength and weakness to create synergy between the two within the one.

When there is imbalance and loss of connection to self it is then that the two opposites become forced to create a pseudo balance. Naturally at some point this conflict will amplify the obvious requirement for organic harmony to occur.

This can occur through various forms of pain until the individual actions this imbalance. However, when this is suppressed or ignored it is common for the negative, unresourceful strategy to surface. Over a time this then becomes fundamental to that individual seeming that this strategy is the natural balance however, this insatiable unhappiness, yearning and even a level of pain and loneliness never dissipates. This is reflective of this imbalance.

Another way to view this is that the true self is not necessarily the same as the energetic self. When they are it creates a stronger energetic vibration and the auric layers increase in intensity. When the two are separate, or rather disconnected what someone looks like on the surface, often referred to as physically, may not necessarily be the same as what they look like energetically.

The added benefit of being aligned and true to oneself is that it provides the ability to resonate and connect to others that of the same vibration. These commonly will be more comfortable and as such, they too can be viewed in their energetic, pure form.

What this means on a greater scale is that it is connecting to the collective and ultimately source. It is the natural and intended evolution on the path to fulfilling the individual purpose. This is compounded through the connection to benefit from the fulfillment when it is gained.

It is said that no one individual can make a difference and whilst in essence this may hold validity it however, is not completely accurate. It all starts from a simple place… aligning and to be one with Self. This will allow for true connection to the collective, empowerment and fulfillment with the individual and overall purpose. It is the evolution of the energetic being. The balance of alignment will affect and be for the benefit of the greater good.

The picture of one’s true self is reflective of their energetic self. Without this there is no balance… consider it a picture that is out of focus.