Path to the Holy Guardian Angel

I figured I would share with you some thoughts that crossed my mind as I phase into the 2nd month of my ceremony to obtain the Holy Guardian Angel and some key things that may help you out. I found the Ingredients of the ceremony are in your dedication to the Divine right, acknowledge the Divine, work to know yourself, never become a egocentric person, and take the blame for your mistakes because you manifest realities through your actions. These just scratch the surface of what I have learned.

I have found that dedication to the Holy Guardian Angel is the hardest thing to do do in this ceremony

sometimes, but do to the fact you kind of miss the regular functioning mundane life outside of paying

bills. I found the practitioner has to keep themselves as pure as they can for the ceremony, spiritually

and physically. To yearn for the Holy Guardian Angel is to take care of business to keep yourself to

going every to prepare for the ceremony. There are days where I just pray for 15 minutes a day and

those 15 minutes are specifically designed in admiration to the HGA (Holy Guardian Angel). I have felt

the smile from my HGA even with a simple prayer for them, but I only did it twice. This is the method

that Abram von Worms used in the Abramelin.

DO NOT ONLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE HGA! Apply the dedication to the deities you have faith in as

well. If it was not for the Divine your HGA would cease to exist. You most definitely have to work on

yourself through the workings of the gods. The whole point to even do this ceremony is to realize how

small you are in this world compared to the Universe and to humble yourself before All men, but do not

bow to a man. The power of the universe is contagious and overwhelming for the mind. So if you are

not puzzled in your journey during this ceremony, then you have not yet attained the true meaning of

the ceremony. The whole ceremony is a rite to adsorb in the Macrprosopus into the Microprosopus. If

you do not feel like a fool at the end of the Ceremony then consider it a failure, you saw what you

wanted to see, not what the Divine wanted you to see.

The EGO is a killer for any ceremony. I was watching the Paris Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

video with a group of men doing the LBRP and it was awful; these men were not in sink, recorded it

on video to show how good they were (in my opinion), and I did not feel the energy. It was the worst

version of the LBRP I have seen on video I think because of some of the men fluctuating the ego. The

ceremony you do not want to fluctuate the Ego in is the ceremony to attain the HGA, it kills the purity

and demeans the purpose of finding the Higher-self. This is a crying shame when you see magicians,

pagans, and mystics fall in to the trap of being caught in the Egocentric world. There is no point to even

yearn or call for the HGA when you are going to be completely ruled by the ego.

I think the most important of all the items listed is to always take responsibility for your mistakes and

ask for guidance to not make the same mistakes over. Normally when I realize my flaws and work to

perfect them, amazingly enough, the other three paragraphs above are expressed properly: You have

shown your dedication to find your HGA, You naturally call forth the divine, and you kill the ego when

you work on the flaws. This this is the most vital of all the listed items. No one can determine your life

other then you. NO one is to blame for who you are then YOU! Take the responsibility for your actions

and improve them. I am not saying be a saint or goody goody; I am saying work to build yourself up

like a Crystal Tower. Always work to get back to your True SELF. The whole point of this whole

ceremony is to earn your true nature back, many people forget about this fact of attaining the HGA. I

find this task of taking responsibility the hardest one to do honestly.

Within the first month this is what I have learned from this experience. I will keep driving forward to

help all of your when you need it to make me a better person. All I can do is offer you advice of the

do’s and do not’s  that worked for me. I hope all of you gained some sort of insight of something about

yourself, if not I hope you find better lessons then what I can post.