Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Abandoned and Broken : Soul Retrieval

Take all the time you need to heal emotionally. Moving on doesn’t take a day. It takes a lot of little steps to be able to break free of your broken self …”

At first read you may think that this quote is a good piece of advice. I admit that when I first read it on facebook I thought to myself, “Yeah. That’s right. It’s that old cliché ‘time heals all wounds’.” But after reading again I found that I had to strongly disagree with the quote. In order to explain why I feel this way I need to first explain the idea of Soul Retrieval.

The concept of Soul Retrieval has surfaced in my life this last year. The first time I read about it was in Raven Digitalis’ book Shadow Magick Compendium. On pages 97 through100 he has information as well as a Ritual Meditation which focuses on Shamanic Soul Retrieval. I worked with this meditation and was pleasantly surprised with the results and I encourage others who are seeking to heal from past trauma to read about it and experience it.

Soul Retrieval is a way to reintegrate a portion of you (your soul or spirit) that has become separated, buried or lost after experiencing a traumatic event. The soul becomes fragmented from fear leaving you with a void in your life, which you may not be able to readily explain. You may be motivated to fill this emptiness in a variety of ways because you do not possess a clear understanding of what has transpired. By experiencing a Soul Retrieval Meditation like the one that Raven Digitalis suggests, you are able to locate and face that fragmented part of yourself that you lost or buried. It is a very healing experience and one I suggest to everyone who is seeking to work with their Shadow Self.

Now why am I writing about Soul Retrieval? It is because of the quote at the beginning of this article. After understanding what Soul Retrieval is and why it is needed you can see that this quote actually encourages fragmenting one soul. It suggests that individuals should create a situation that is, in my opinion, unhealthy, instead of facing the pain and fear of the emotional experience.

“… to be able to break free of your broken self …

Do you really want to break free from yourself? Do you really want to leave behind a part of your soul so that for the rest of your life you carry around a void that you just can’t seem to fill? A void that you stuff with useless things or random people into just hoping that this – this is the one thing, the one relationship, the one person, that will make you feel complete. And during all the time you intuitively know that it isn’t going to happen – that even after shoving all that junk into the dark void  you still can’t seem to capture happiness. It saddens me that there is a quote circulating around facebook that suggests this.

Wouldn’t you rather heal your broken self? Wouldn’t you rather take the time now to face your fear and tend to your wounds so that you are able to move ahead with your life feeling whole – not broken?

It is my belief that you cannot abandon part of your soul and still be complete. You cannot leave behind a piece of you and be a healthy human being. If you try to do so, your soul will be constantly screaming for relief from the pain that you decided to bury and leave behind. No one can retrieve that part of your soul except for you. You are the only one that can heal yourself. And I suggest that you do it sooner than later so that a Soul Retrieval isn’t necessary.

Many blessings and much love.