Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Where Does Your Loyalty Lay?


Loyalty can be defined as the state of unswerving faithfulness, devotion or allegiance; adhering to a promise or duty that an individual has to an organization, group, cause or person.


Loyalty can be a noble thing. There are a number of causes we can be loyal to. Loyalty to our family and/or friends is commendable but perhaps we should ask ourselves – how far is too far? How much are we willing to give of ourselves to keep faithful and what are we willing to sacrifice? Are we willing to give up our own personal truth in the name of devotion to someone or something else that may not hold the same moral and ethical values as we do? Are we OK with compromising our truth?


On a grander scale consider these questions: Are you able to be loyal to both secular authority and spiritual truth? Is your loyalty to your job in conflict with your loyalty to your personal ethics? And if you encounter a conflict which takes precedence in your life?


When I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses my loyalty was to Jehovah God and The Watchtower Organization as His representative on earth. Jehovah God came before any and all other positions of authority; my husband, my parents, my employer, even the President of The United States. I find that for many Christians this is also their position; there is no authority higher than God. This belief is based in scripture which can be found in Matthew 6:24 where Jesus states, “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.”


Now that I am no longer Christian this scripture still holds truth to me, though you should understand that my view of God or Deity has changed. I still believe that Deity is the highest authority that I listen to and if there is ever a conflict between what God/dess speaks and what another asks of me I will listen to God Herself. I don’t believe that everyone holds this as their personal truth or, rather, they may say this is true for them but when pushed to make their words actions, they usually stick to the original situation or ‘master’ even if they feel that the circumstances changed for the worse.


For example: Tom, takes a position with ABC Inc. but as he works there he begins to witness things he isn’t too comfortable with; a rude supervisor who is sexist/racist, breaks aren’t being given, policies and procedures not being adhered to but, he says nothing and doesn’t quit because he feels that ABC Inc. has been good to him. He’s worked there 10 years and the company feels like family. He doesn’t want to find another place to work so he deals with the circumstances – every day dreading to go to work because he feels awful and guilty for not standing up for what he knows is ‘right’. His loyalty is torn so he does nothing. Choosing by default to serve the ‘master’ ABC Inc. and not his own personal truth.


My loyalty was recently questioned. It was an uncomfortable situation as I felt that I was being forced to choose between a person and an oath I made in the presence of my God Herself. I was being asked to break that vow though the individual requesting I do, didn’t share my perspective of the situation. Understand that when I take vows or make oaths I do so with all seriousness. Such things, in my perspective, aren’t to be done with frivolity or carelessly and once taken they require and deserve my devotion especially when they are part of my service to God Herself. I made my choice. I listened to my higher authority and I chose my personal truth over the other ‘master’.


The experience encouraged me to contemplate: Is it possible to be loyal to multiple people, groups and organizations? Can an individual make solemn vows with a sincere heart to multiple entities or as Matthew 6:24 states is it impossible to be loyal (devoted) to more than one ‘master’? Personally, I feel that I could have been loyal to more than one ‘master’ but it is clear that not everyone shares my perspective. Until next month, may The Goddess Herself bless you with abundance, prosperity and love. Blessed Be!