Beautiful July

As I look around me in my little corner of the world, summer’s bounty is evident! Such amazing beauty just waiting to be noticed.

I am reminded of the different sayings I was raised hearing.
Beauty is as beauty does.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

How does beauty apply to real life?  And how does beauty present itself on our spiritual path?  It is one thing to create a sacred space for a ritual that is magnificent and inspires the energy of the work to increase.  I love altars filled with flowers and candles and sparkling crystals!  It is a feast for the senses!  But Monday morning does not inspire the same feelings  nor does Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. You get the point.  And don’t get me started on mundane things like trying on bathing suits!  There is a lesson in the everyday workings of our life.

All magic, I believe, begins deep within the heart. The very center of being radiates outward until it emerges into the outer world.  I am quick to see the beauty in the smallest of creatures and the deep beauty of others. I can say I am a beautiful creation of Spirit, but if I can not look at myself in a bathing suit without a heavy sigh, then I am not truly seeing the beauty of this living creature.

So how does beauty show up through us in the daily round we walk?  Are we kind to ourselves?  Are we surrounded with things in our home we feel are beautiful?  How about the clothing we put on our bodies?  Can we look past the obvious and see the true beauty of another?  Can we see our own beauty?

A lovely ritual to try is a water blessing.  Begin by creating an altar to beauty in your bathroom.  It can be a shelf, a corner of a shelf, the back of the toilet, maybe the side of the tub.  Whatever brings you a sigh of joy is placed on this altar. I like a pretty shell holding a tea light with patchouli soap and a natural sea sponge.  A pink hand knit washcloth is the altar cloth. Lighting the candle and lowering the lights makes for a lovely space.  Now undress and see yourself in the flickering light. Only place your attention on the parts of your body you like.  Do you have lovely ankles?  Pretty eyes and hair, perhaps? Stay away from placing energy on areas that make you unhappy.  Now with gentle eyes truly see yourself as the beautiful expression of Spirit that you are.  Draw a bath, if possible, and step in to the water and allow all negative perceptions to flow into the healing water.  Sit and become as a water lily – grounded yet floating.  Take your time.  When you are ready to exit the bath,  gently dry yourself remembering that your  beauty radiates outward.

With the bounty of July we can count ourselves as a part of natures gifts!
See only beauty.
Speak only beauty.
Walk in beauty, my friends.