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Nuada and the Four Treasures of Tuatha de Dannan

            Nuada is a Celtic god who goes by many names; some of those being, Nodons, Nuadu, Nuadha and Nuadha Airgetlamh. Nuadha Airgethlamh simply means ‘Nuadha of the Silver Hand/Arm’. Nuada is equivalent with the Gaulish and British god Nodens and the Welsh equivalent is Nudd or Llud Llaw Eraint. He is a god who is associated with water, oceans, fishing, the sun, sailing, childbirth, youth, beauty, healing, writing and divine justice.

Nuada was the first king of Tuatha de Dannan, but lost his arm in combat with the Fir Bolg champion Bres. Once Nuada lost his arm, he was rendered incapable of ruling and unfortunately lost his place on the throne to Bres. Bres then went on to rule for seven years.

During the seven years Dian Cecht came to Nuada’s rescue when he made a magickal silver arm for him. This then allowed Nuada to go back and rule the Tuatha de Dannan. There was a second battle of Mag Tuireadh and in this battle Nuada was physically killed and thus returned to the Lands of the Sidhe. Maynooth in Ireland is named after him. It comes from MayNuadhad, which translates to ‘Plain of Nodens’)

Nuada’s sword is one of the four treasures of Tuatha de Dannan.  The Tuatha de Dannan means “people of the goddess Danu’. They brought four magickal treasures with them when they came to Ireland. One treasure from each of their four cities. The Cauldron of Dagda was made in Murias by the druid Semias. The cauldrons power was that no one ever went away from it unsatisfied. The Spear of Lugh was made in Gorias by the druid Esras. The spear made it so no battle was sustained against it, or the man who wielded it. Then there was the Stone of Fa’l which was made in Falias by the druid Morfessa. This stone would cry out beneath every king that would take the sovereignty of Ireland. And then finally there is the Sword of Nuada. This was made in Findias by the druid Uiscias and no one ever escaped from it once it was unsheathed and no one could ever resist it.

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