Rayne’s Ritual Way

Midsummer Ritual


It is said that during Midsummer the God aspect of Divinity is at its highest power. If we’re speaking astrologically this is also true; Midsummer marks the longest day and shortest night of the year. Midsummer or Litha falls on June 21 when the noon sun is farthest away from the celestial equator. Solstice is Latin for “sun stands still” and so it is rightfully named. It is also believed that the veil between the worlds is thin on the night of fair Midsummer. It is not uncommon to attract several energies toward your circle and magic on the night of Midsummer. It is also seen as a day that the Faerie people are out and about creating fun, magic, and maybe even a little mischief. Midsummer also marks the day when the Golden Oak King must die, and give reign to his dark twin the Holly King, who rules the waning half of the year from Midsummer to Midwinter. You can use any of these themes into your Midsummer Ritual.








(Anything with a really sweet scent will work)









My Midsummer Ritual will serve as rededication to my vows to the God and Goddess, as well as incorporate some Fairy magic, and also pay homage to the Oak King’s passing, and the beginning of the rein of the Holly King.



I really enjoy incorporating ribbon, candles, incense, bonfire, and of course face paint whenever I can. For the Midsummer ritual I highly suggest working with a partner, or even a group, it can be immensely fun, and a truly exciting experience. I would tie ribbons to trees, place candles about the working place outside, have a bonfire going, and paint my face a green or red and yellow like a fairy. The energy at Midsummer is really fun, so don’t take this Sabbat too seriously, Death is but a part of life, and so Life is but a part of Death.



Cleanse the space, and yourself and group. Then cast the circle. I would set the altar with bells, crystal balls, anything that really sets the mood for you. I really like to call the faeries so I try to incorporate things I think the Fay would like. I would start the Sabbat by calling Fairy magic to your circle.


“Fairy magic wild and pure

We call to thee our words inured

Gather round on this sacred day

Cast your spell it’s time to play”

You can use this chant as an invocation or as a song, or both, whatever fits your fancy. Once you’ve called the energies to your circle you wanted, I like to take the Summer Solstice as an ideal time to rededicate myself to the deities I work with. It’s also a great time to revamp any spiritual practice that may have been lacking during the year.


If you have more than one person and you want to script and enact a small rendition of the battle between the Oak and the Holly king I would exude caution especially if you’re using a blade or sword or anything of that nature. However, if you’re doing a solitary ritual it is perfectly suitable to represent both energies, the Oak and the Holly king, yourself. However the key point to make here is the mechanics behind the ritual. Don’t stress the details; just be cognizant of the fact that the Oak king is representative of the light half of the year. The energy of life, and creation; it is then that the Holly king defeats him signifying the dark half of the year overpowering the light. It is after this day that the dark starts to gain power over the light. It is after this day that birth and creation bow to death and darkness, at least until the Winter Solstice at which point the wheel will again turn as it has from the beginning, and as it will until the end.


**Whatever you choose to do this Midsummer just be sure to have fun, to dance and sing praise. And as always Blessed Be**