MoonOwl Observations

As many people know, there are 5 main elements; earth, air, fire, water and spirit. In some cultures metal as well. This month I am going to focus on the element Air.

Air is the element of the east and it is strongly connected to the soul and life. The two colors most commonly associate with it are yellow and white. Air’s hour is dawn and it’s associated season is spring. The planet for air is Mercury as well.

As each element does, it has positive and negative characteristics. Air’s positive ones are that it is kid and joyful, intelligent and diligent and also communicative and intuitive. The negative characteristics for Air are that it can spread gossip, be boastful and untruthful, and it can also be selfish, fickle and inattentive.

It’s tattva ( primordial energy) is Vayu, a blue cycle, and it’s state, naturally is gas. The circle suits Air well and it symbolizes the panoramic view of the sky when you look up at it.

Air has the power of movement and refreshment.  It’s projective energy can be used in ritual actions of such things as tossing objects into the air, burning incense and hanging objects from trees.

some symbols used for Air are the sky, wind, clouds, incense, feathers, breath and smoke. The three most commonly associated animals are the raven, eagle and spider. Clearly, the body parts closely linked to Air are the lungs, chest and throat,  since you can feel the connection to air as you breath.
This masculine element stands on the upper left point of the pentagram and the magickal tool is the dagger. It’s wind is Euros and it’s elemental symbol is






Since Air is linked to expression, communication and movement, sailors believe that if the wind is not blowing and you need it for your sails so you can get home, you put a knife in the mainmast to call it to your ship.  Another sailor superstition is that if a sailor whistles upon the ship, they will bring an ill wind.
For those of us on land however, hanging wind homes to bless your home with happiness has been around for many years.
Air is associated with Sylphs and Devas and if your astrological sign is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you’re most likely to feel the strongest connection with Air out of all the elements.
this intelligent, free element can carry away your troubles and has the ability to send positive energy and thoughts to those far away from you. It can help you recover lost items and is helpful in making decisions for you.
There is actually an easy, basic way to have air help you make a tough decision. All you have to do is write down your various options for your dilemma on papers, fold each on up twice and place them all in the center of a free-standing rock, table or any flat, raised surface. Make sure it is a day with a light breeze and call to the  wind and ask it to help you. The gentle wind should slowly blow off the various papers. The last one on the surface if the choice Air recommends, should you choose to follow it. Afterwards, make sure you thank Air for its help.
And, since I love all my various gods and goddesses, here are some that are connected to Air:

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