Book Review: The Astrology of Great Sex by Myrna Lamb


The Astrology of Great Sex

by Myrna Lamb © 2010

Hampton Roads Publishing (An Imprint of Red Wheel Weiser)

ISBN: 978-1-57174-509-5

290 pages

Paperback $17.95 (U.S.)


This is one of those books which is difficult to review, since it is intended to be basically a reference book, and therefore has no rhythm to get into. The only way to approach it to read the sections you are basically familiar with and see if that information appears accurate.


That presented a minor problem for me, simply because I have been happily married to the same woman for about 35 years. My memories of previous relationships is hazy at best and, often, I have forgotten my lovers birth-dates, making it difficult to see if those sections might be accurate.


Having said that, I will do my best to give you my impressions.


The first 200 pages of this book consist of responses to a sexual questionnaire designed and distributed by the author (a copy of which is included at the end of the book, for your use in evaluating your own relationship). Over a thousand individuals responded (anonymously) which, while not a huge number, is large enough to get a fairly good feel for overall trends.


Each of the signs is given its own section, divided between the sexes. The responses range from very clinical to almost pornographic in their explicitness. There is a general overview given, which may then be expanded through memories and fantasies drawn from the respondents. Ms Lamb says that many times respondents used virtually the same words in response to the questions, which are open-ended, which (in her opinion) shows the commonalities within the signs, and I would have to agree.


Obviously, there is no NEED to read the entirety of the book. In fact, there is no need to read any particular section, or to read them in any particular order. Still, it is interesting to see how various people responded to the various questions.


Obviously, there are no hard and fast responses. No matter how similar individuals of the various signs are, each is still precisely that an individual.


The final section of the book is devoted to explaining the dynamics of relationships between the signs. Even here, there are divisions between the sexes. Obviously a relationship with a Pisces man and an Aquarian woman will have a different dynamic that that relationship with a Pisces woman and an Aquarian man.


Although astrology is not a major component of my life I know that many people place a lot of emphasis on it. If you are one of those people, and assuming that you do not make your life as an astrologer (in which case you will have a deeper understanding than any single book can give one), this is a book you will definitely want to have handy.