Samhain Peace


Our Celtic wheel has turned to Samhain.  This time of year seems like such frenzy and activity.  Time to finish up all outdoor work before the coming winter darkness. Time to plan for the upcoming holidays.  And yet it is a time to gather in our energies in preparation for rest.  Mother Nature shows us her example in hopes we will follow suit.  How many of us do follow what the season is teaching?


As each day gets shorter and the night hours longer we can move into a state of peace.  How, you might ask?  Life is going at breakneck speed and while our sacred time appears to be quiet, it is in walking our talk that matters.


If we are at peace in our hearts, then our actions will radiate that peace to everyone we encounter during our daily life.  When confronted with other people’s worry and fear, breathe deep into your own center and bring peace, if only for yourself, to the moment.  Ghandi said to be the change we want to see.  I believe we can be the peace we want to see.


Having a talisman or prayer beads at the ready can help to ground our being.  Pumpkin seeds in a pocket or cinnamon sticks in our office are an easy thing to find. Simply touching something of earth can bring our breathing deeper and remind us of the greater Spirit at work through us.


Samhain provides us with an ancient connection to our ancestors; a reverent pause to sit in peace with our family and friends who have moved beyond our world.  Our life on this sweet planet can seem short.  But in pausing to sense the energy of Samhain we gain peace and in peace a healing of our hearts.  And it is ultimately this healing that radiates to others and blesses our world.