The Crow’s Nest



Since I first walked into a pagan shop, one scent has always brought me back to loving the Great Mother’s embrace. Still to this day I seek out this scent, thrive on its use.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized there are so much more uses for Patchouli than to send me to eternal peace.

Patchouli is a natural insect repellant. It is said that traders from Orient would put it in the folds of their silk so that moths would not lay eggs there. Some say that it even keeps female moths from adhering to male moths. It is also used to repel Leeches, though admittedly I have never seen one in Texas to test that theory out.

Although the scent is sweet it is a natural repellant to mosquitoes. I used to believe it was the amount of garlic I ate that kept the blood-suckers away.

Planting Patchouli near your home in a shady, but dry place will cause the plant to thrive, but be mindful that the sun doesn’t directly hit it. It likes the shade, but it also likes the heat. The good point of planting Patchouli near your home is it deters termites.

The medicinal points of Patchouli range greatly. If placed on the skin it can be used to treat acne and dermatitis.  Just rub the oil over cracked or inflamed skin.  One of the greatest things about Patchouli that I found interesting is that when used to heal a wound, it causes less scarification. It calms the skin and helps with the scaring that can occur due to acne, chickenpox, measles and boils.

Taken internally, it can be used as an aphrodisiac. It has been used by many people in their crone years to increase sexual libido and interest.  I cannot say that I have ever taken Patchouli internally, so I don’t know for sure the abilities that it uses on this. It has been said that it also helps with skin disorders and hemorrhoids when taken internally as well, which means that if those two problems you have, it would be worth trying out. Great skin and better sex, what more could you ask for?

Along with that, it is used for mood disorders as well. I know for a fact that when I wear Patchouli, I feel more connected with the world. It is great for grounding, so using it as an essential oil or as incense can help you meditate and have better clarity with the surroundings. It lifts your mood and helps clear your mind.  It helps alleviate stress and often is used to diffuse a room and create a peaceful sanctuary.

Lastly, but definitely not least of all, Patchouli is a great diuretic. It is said that it will allow your body to expel more toxins by helping your kidneys in the same breathe. It increases urination, which helps the kidneys expel more toxins with each elimination.

I hope that this article has enlightened you on the benefits of patchouli. It isn’t just for hippies anymore.  I know I use mine, although I have to admit that there is one use for Patchouli I do not use and don’t see myself using. It is said that Patchouli helps with halitosis. I don’t think I could ever gargle with it, but feel free to try if you think that your breath needs help. I am sure that it would definitely make you smell more earthly.