Training the Mind for Magick

The mechanics of Magick comes win a matter of many different formulas for the continuous

conclusion; remember the results are not a one and done, but are carried throughout the universe in the

infinite. So some major parts of the magical equation consist of faith, belief, will, focus, practice,

experience, knowledge, and the level of conscious awareness attained. These are a few parts of the

equation, however, the most primal half that dictates all of these options are last listed, level of

conscious awareness. When this is trained through every trial it sets your moral, views, opinions,

perceptions on life, and helps you find the Inner Light of the Crystal Tower you carry within yourself.

Kabbalist do their best to seek out the Tree of Life they have concluded that lives within the soul and

reach it by heightening their awareness. There are many aspects of life that will continuously improve

about yourself when you target in on the higher conscious, but there will be many people who will

debate this fact due to their own opinion. It is proven that those who attain the higher conscience are

content, spiritual, and carry on with the live and learning process, as is proved by the Buddha, Jesus,

Mohammad, many Jewish Leaders, and many other spiritual leaders. This is what occultist work to

achieve as they also focus on the power of the Inner Self that is dictated by the higher level of

awareness. These occultist include Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, AE Waite, McGregor Mathers,

Alan Bennett. Israel Regardie, and many others as they were all ceremonial magicians and kabbalists as

well. These men where about raising their awareness to learn about themselves if you have a chance to

read any of their papers. There is no doubt that this is the main statement in any religion.


In the 13 goals posted “Know Thyself” is listed as the first for a reason. There are many ways

to know yourself and raising your consciousness is one of the most effective methods of this

achievement. Let us go even further into how this process works, why it should be done, and what it

accomplishes in the end the method of raising awareness is an old way of learning morals and values

for setting the stage of being a better person. This is done through allegorical teachings that were a part

of many cultures and traditions deeply delved with stable foundation of civilizations. The Cherokee had

many myths designed for the most simple of tasks to allow the person to gain their own perspective of

moral and doing the right thing as they grew as a person. Mythos have most definitely reshaped the

conscious level of the person earning what they learned. When the Cherokee men would go out on the

hunt it was one sign of achieved manhood. In our modern society this would be achieved by a man

getting his first job, so you would take him out to celebrate as a reward for achieving his manhood. The

ancient Greeks used the story of Uranus downfall to Cronus as an example in Greek history to show the

relevant history of their agriculture. Mythology is merely one way of raising your awareness. The

philosophy of raising the conscious must be lived as well. This is lived by earning and working hard in

your practices which consists of various practices; such as yoga, kabbalah, Freemasonry, looking at

everything around you, living an orderly life, being level headed in every situation, seeing life as a

lesson to be learned, and many other relevant practices. So to achieve this state you have to work very

hard in everything you do; this is no easy task and can take a lifetime to achieve. When you achieve

this you will ultimately reach your Higher-Self and be rewarded in the heavens. Improving yourself is

one more state of achieving the higher conscious. You do not have to study any religious of spiritual

practices honestly to have your Divine Conscious unlocked, the methods are listed above in this

paragraph for understanding. When you strive to work on yourself you are cracking the doorway to

knowing who you are inside and out.


There is a state called the Samadhi in yoga, meaning Bliss State. When you have

reached this last branch of the eight you have mastered the mind. Pay attention to yourself and what

you do, you will learn so much about yourself; thus you have defined self-discover at that moment.

Magically this dictates how effective your ritual or spell is in the long run. One way you can do this is

to focus on your goal in your Magick without looking back; you have raised your awareness. Self-improvement should be the goal of every person on the earth in every category that makes us who we

are. As Jesus said, “He who is perfect cast the first stone.” The reflective meaning is none of us are

immaculate gods or goddesses running around in the mundane world, if that was the case there would

be no point in learning. When one focuses on bettering themselves they are inadvertently working on

their awareness, this hold true if the individual does not make that same mistake over, if they do then

they have learned nothing and failed to cue in on the higher conscious. The Higher Conscious makes

you realize all of us are people with the same issues of living life and all we can do is try harder the

next time we have the shot to do our best. We cannot dwell on the past, but look ahead to the future to

better ourselves in every way and rediscover the kid we felt like in terms of knowing we have

problems, but driving forward like tank to learn from them in the end. There have been a few

experiences from a few young adults I have witnessed who are bold enough to move on. I notice as we

grow old we take a few punches from life while we are in the ring and lose that idea of going forward if

we are not careful and have to retrieve it again.


There are circumstances that all of us as humans have to face that make us human to show we

are mortal, not the gift of the divine with a shield of white Light around us. When you have a higher

conscious you tend to find this concept a lot easier when a period of “I really messed up” comes into

play. There is a time for males when they are in their twenties when they just wake up and feel

different, like an over night thing. I have came crossed this and discussed it with other males whom

have lived life, they felt the same thing I did. I cannot speak on the behalf of just waking up and feeling

different, but I can say all of us go through this phase, but sometimes it is not over the period of an

overnight transcendence. This would be considered the initiation as a man or woman, aka a life

initiation. When a person goes through this phase it is gladly earned. You have become the Mother or

Father in terms of allegorical definition. You have earned the next level of consciousness and

awareness. In the end of this process the higher conscious when one sticks with the hard work of

finding themselves they have made a feat few can say they have tried to accomplish in the end. The

rewards for this lifetime goal are beyond that of the mind’s comprehension, a lot like the Ain Soph. We

will never know the full results after we leave the Malkuth, but when we do we can promise there is a

Light at the end of the tunnel. The people who stick to their guns in this stage are the ones who are the

most enlightened when they understand the Inner Tree of Life by the higher awareness that influences

the conscious mind. These are truly the most bold of people that are honored and should be the role

models by the standards of moral. There are cultures that do take notice of this achievement with

regards to the Native Americans, the Norse, the Celts, and so on. The term “respect your elders” refers

to this application of they have lived and learned from their mistakes, taking their subconscious beyond

yours in the end. When you look a a person in the eyes you can tell a lifetime full of experiences,

tragedies, successes, and wisdom. There are those who discover this later, late bloomers, but this is

better then folks who never try at all to raise their awareness. When I look at my grandmother I see that

she raised her awareness by living and learning, so I really enjoy talking to her for this purpose. So

when you raise your Awareness and Conscious mind take the personal step of maintaining it, even

when times get hard. You will find yourself in better situations and more content with your life. The

Deities of your choice will gladly reward you if you follow this path.