Meditation Moment

The Healing Power of Gratitude



In this month’s meditation, we are going to fill ourselves with love and let it spill from our lips in the form of  “Thank you.”


Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off the phone, lay down or sit comfortably, and take three slow, deep breaths.


On the next inhale, breathe in love, and breathe out stress.  Continue to breathe in love and breathe out stress until you feel fully relaxed.


Imagine your heart chakra glowing a vibrant healthy green in the center of your chest.  With each breathe in, your heart chakra swells, growing larger and larger until you are completely cocooned in its swirling emerald light.


From inside your heart chakra, you can see cords connecting you to the most important people in your life.  Some of the cords are vibrant and pulsing white light.  These represent relationships that are mutually nourishing.  You give love through this cord, and you receive love through it.  Touch a cord and see who it connects to.  Feel the love flowing into you from this loved one, and let it fill you up.  Breathe out and say, “Thank you,” sending your gratitude and love along the cord to your loved one.


Repeat this process with as many cords as you like.


Then look at the cords that are weak, dark, or ugly.  These are parasitic cords, and represent the love and energy you send to others that are not reciprocated.  Take each cord in your hand one at a time.  Thank the person for the lessons they have given you, perhaps a lesson about your own boundaries.  Now allow the cord to dissolve in your hand.


If you need a more forceful removal of the parasitic cords, visualize the cords erupting in purple flame upon your touch until they burn to ask.  Or ask your spirit guide or Archangel Michael to sever the parasitic ties for you.


When you feel that you are done, move into the center of your heart chakra, and feel the love pulsing around you.  Breathe in love.  Breathe out Gratitude.


When you feel ready, allow the love energy to radiate from your body, along the cords that you’ve kept, as your heart chakra deflates back to normal size and once again fits inside your chest.


Take three cleansing breaths, and open your eyes.


Welcome back.