Self Dicipline and Self Reliance

Our turn on the wheel as brought us to December and Courage.  As I look back over the past calendar year I  see twelve simple words.  Twelve ideas that seem so easy to practice.  On paper and in my mind, I easily handle every virtue in my day to day life. Yet, when I got “out of my head” and into the real world to live each word, I quickly learned that turning a vague word into a verb was not easy.  It took energy.  It took planning.  It took commitment.

The first quarter involved simplicity, love, and order.  Working from with-in to with-out required quiet meditation and a shift in perspective.  It is easy to say I will simplify my life and show love as well as bring order to my daily walk.  How messy it feels when I begin to let go of old, outdated ideas and grievances in order to have the room to allow love to be the center focus!  What to do with all the “stuff” I’ve been hanging onto? Bringing order to the initial chaos was work!

With the second quarter turn the promise of spring was a visual reminder of faith.  Each seed was a promise of fullness to come.  The color and sounds of life teaming all around was joy itself!  And as the summer solstice arrived  respect echoed deep within my soul as I witnessed the abundance of light and life around me.

As the days moved into late summer and early fall beauty was radiating throughout each tree, plant and person I saw.  How easy it is to be grateful when enjoying the lazy days of summer. The challenge becomes remembering that sense of gratitude as the weather changes, the vacations are over and a sense of the same old grind is starting back.  I remember feeling that way when I was in school.  Yet, as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder we tap into our own strength and feel our own roots dig in and hold us strong.

Then is peace available.  I adore the winter months.  The oak and poplar trees in our yard stand deeply rooted and quiet in the dark of the season.  Leaves gone; a dark night sky; the trees are guardians for our home and spirits.  They give so much to my wellbeing.  I seek to share that with others.  Not to “give back” as I don’t believe I have “taken” away anything.  No, I seek to share my time, talent and treasure because that is what nature has shown me.

Goddess leads me to a place where I must open myself up to receive.  And that brings us to Courage.  Cowardly Lion and his song of “if I were the king of the forrest” sings in my head!  Oh how strong and brave and true a woman I would be if everything I said or thought about myself happened instantly!  Cowardly Lion seemed like a scaredy cat although his talk was big.  It is the practice of putting “feet” to our words that make them real.  Only in his travels to Oz did Cowardly Lion gain the courage he desired.  Once at Oz, he was told he already had all the courage he needed.  It is the walk of our path that brings us the people and things that will lift us higher.  We need only have the courage to face the moment before us.

Courage in the darkest time of the wheel of the year is challenging.  Our ancestors faced such darkness.  Each of us face darkness at one time or another.  Taking a breath and feeling my roots deep within Mother Earth as well as gazing up at the winter sky I am grounded.  I am peaceful.  I AM.

Blessed Be this Yule for you and yours.