Hally’s Hints

Vibration of Oneness

In the wind and the rain the suggestion of old and new thoughts is ever-present. These subtle suggestions are everywhere and in everything. It is simply a matter of opening the eyes to see the obvious indication of what is to come and what role each person is to play. The secret to recognising these signs is within the vibration, unique to each element and each individual however, completely clear once vibrationally aligned.


Each thought is a vibration; each feeling, each emotion and the very existence of being is a vibration; an energetic vibration with an individual signature printed on the DNA but yet, not limited by this. The DNA can also be manipulated, though only through the vibration of free will and pure intent.


When this becomes compromised by external influences and forces, it can create a separation, and in some instances a disconnection which can take years to discover and to heal. The extent and efficiency of this is only limited to the vibrational response of free will.


An example of this, and to provide a more blatant approach, would be that of making a decision to leave a job, buy a house or go on a holiday. Simple enough, however, should this be influenced by those that are in alignment and yet, coming from a place that does not serve the greater good, the end result will be what is desired by them with the consequence of decreasing the individual’s vibration because of the compromised frequency to force such a decision to occur. 


The more authentic, true, aligned and enlightened, the higher the frequency of vibration and the more efficient the response to such things as reconnecting, manipulating, increasing and evolving as one life-force. There are no limitations and it is not constrained to a single human life.


The constant variable is free will; the choice and decision that enables and leads to evolution.


Everything that exists has a frequency, even that which is on a different plane or dimension. When aligned with one’s own frequency it enables and enhances the ability to access, hear and communicate with other vibrations or similar frequencies irrelevant of dimension or plane.


However, there is more to all of this and a small snippet is the benefits associated with having a higher frequency. This is not only about communicating with others without the limitations of space and time but something more finite. It is about accessing the gifts that come from being in natural state and using the fundamental flow of this frequency.


One example, out of many, many layers and possibilities, is the ability to access a gift or ability, like that of a clairvoyant and taking this to its natural state which would entail this gift working similarly to breathing – easily, accurately and with pure intent.


Focus on increasing this vibration and often this will enable other dorment gifts to align and become accessible.


It all comes down to the vibration of free will. The stronger the free will and the complementing vibration then the more powerful. This then flows through in everything and every element. Associating vibrations respond instinctively and without judgment because the vibration of free will in its natural and enlightened state is the perfect vibration of oneness.