The Crowe’s Nest

*Hack* It is that time of year again, dear readers. The time where people start carrying around bottles of hand sanitizer and tissues. It is the time of year that some start to think, “Would I really look all that funny with that face mask on?”

That’s right. It is flu-season. To me, as a medical professional by trade, I have seen all manners of fluids and solids come from a person’s body and nothing is as bad as mucus. Whether from sneeze or just the gross drippings of a child who doesn’t know how to wipe there nose, there is nothing that will make me loose my appetite for food more than that. That is saying a lot since I am a girl who enjoys eating.
I have been very fortunate. I am thirty-four years old and my first time to ever catch the flu was last year. I have never been kicked down in the dirt as far as that virus made me. I thought I was dying. Couldn’t breathe. My nasal cavaties were so clogged I thought the only way to save myself was to get a plumber to come look at me.
Dr’s said I would be okay in a week or two. WEEK OR TWO!? My life as a mother said, “You can’t do that. We must work.” The couch looked so much more friendly than any bed or even kitchen looked. This kitchen witch was baked on so much medicine the local drug lords probably thought I looked like someone they coudn’t even handle.
It is crazy what this little word, flu, can do.
So, this year I was going to be ahead of the game. I wouldn’t get this little bug. If I made sure that I was prepared, NOTHING could stay in my system. I’m a stay at home mom now, so my logic (Yeah, cause that works well for me) was if I got the kids the flu-mist, I wouldn’t get the flu because they wouldn’t get it and bring it home to me.
Off to the doctors we go. Flu-mist was administered and I awesomely felt safe.
WRONG! I should have known that my kids would carry it home or perhaps Jane Doe at the store would wipe her nose and leave little traces of that special friend on the stuff at the store. I got it.
Now, I have to admit that I was much better off this time around. Not so much of the laying around and doing nothing but wishing for sweet death to come and take me. I was at least able to abide by my day to day living. I cooked and cleaned. Luckily I only was really affected when I slowed down and  tried to sleep. Sleeping laying down wasn’t there.
So, that left me to thinking, “What could I take herbally that would help me from suffering so?” Out came my great book of herbal remedies.
First I found information on an herb Echinacea. It is something I had some knowledge on, but not extensively. It helps aid the immune system, so it is very good for actually preventing you from getting the flu in the first place. A lot of people believe it is a herb that will cure anything you have, but there is not any extensive research to suggest that it will.
Elderberry- It has been used for hundreds of years for cold and flu like sinus infections. You can make a tea out of it and the steam would actually benefit you by helping relieve some of the pressure in your sinuses. It has the ability to reduce fever (if you have one) and purify your blood. Actually it is great about detoxifying any of your tissues, but blood was the main one you want to get the infection out of.
Ginger has been used in many herbal tradions from Indian to Arabic. It is used to the digestive problems that come with the flu. As an anti-inflammatory it has the ability to help with headaches and painful menstural periods.
One fun fact about ginger is it is a warming root. It can help you to sweat and that helps release pathogens, hence also helping your immune system. (Are we seeing a trend here yet?)
Simply taking a shower helps. I was amazed at how much better I was able to breathe when I took a hot shower and allowed the steam to fill the room. I have friends that swear by this product called a Nettie Pot. It is the same concept, just more compact and less getting your entire body in the water.
So, I hope all this helps you, my friends and readers. I don’t want all those clogged noses stopping you from doing  your Yule shopping and celebrations. Decembers are always busy around here, so I am sure all of you have busy plans as well.

Brightest blessings to all of you this Yule Season. I hope that you all have a blast and welcome into the new year a great new life.