Divination with Ciara

 A Basic Introduction


There is a wide range of different things that can be filed under divination. It is something that is widely practiced, and often misunderstood by those who don’t. divination can be both simple, and complex. It depends often on the person doing, as much as the style of divination chosen.


Tarot cards are a common form of divination found not just in pagan practices, but also in pop culture. My favorite deck that I use is the Shadowscape Tarot.


A standard tarot deck has 72 cards; 22 Major Arcana, without suits and 56 tarot cards split into four suits.


The most common form of a simple card reading is a 3 card draw. This is done by shuffling the deck, splitting it, and then drawing the top three cards.


This can be interpreted in many ways. So what I’m going to use for this is going to be a simple Past Influence, Present Situation, and Possible Outcome.


The reason that the spread is simple is that it easily sums up the layout of a question. The Past Influences can be a summary of things that have influenced the current situation or question that has been asked about. The Present Situation card is a representation of what is being inquired about. Finally, the Possible Outcome card is just one of many possibilities.


It sounds vague, I know. Card reading isn’t always super specific, especially when doing a spread as simple as Past/Present/Future. Things get more specific, and detailed, the more delving into a reading the person goes.


Many people who read cards will tell you that you should never buy your own first deck of cards, and that it’s back luck. That is dependent on your point of view. I bought my first deck of tarot cards 12 years ago, and still have that deck. It’s actually one of my favorites to read from, though it’s well-worn and ready for replacement. Others will tell you that you should never read for yourself. I find this to be true, only because often a person who is reading their own cards are influenced by what they desire the answer to be, rather than giving the non-biased reading that will truly help.


Overall, find a tarot deck that calls to you, one that not only is comfortable in your hands, but that the pictures themselves are easy for you to read. If the deck doesn’t feel right….put it down. If the pictures look like they are too complicated, or just don’t call to you…put it down, it isn’t the right deck for you. It can be a long wait, or it can be a short one. Just be patient, your deck will come to you.