Hally’s Hints

“Your Gut Instinct”

It is easy to overlook that sensation that sits within the pit of the stomach and becomes active when something isn’t right. Whilst it may seem an obvious reaction to pay attention to more often than not, the deciding power is given to the head; the logical (seemingly logical, which doesn’t always make it so), which is why the gut instinct can be ignored.

Another version of this is intuition. It really comes down to chosen terminology however, both work in letting the person recognise when something simply isn’t right even when there is no logic to support this sensation.

The more one aligns, evolves and connects with themselves, the more that is noticed; the louder this becomes. This means that instead of kicking oneself after the fact, the situation can be changed and avoided.

Recently I had a scenario where my gut instinct, my intuition, told me that something was off. This was with reference to a client. As a practitioner I see a lot of varying personalities and quirks within individuals but the bottom line is that I can only help the person that wants the help. When the gut instinct kicks in the extent can vary from simply not right to more dire situations.

In the past focusing on logic rather than this intuitive voice things always turned out for the worse and these ended up being the clients I couldn’t help or in some cases put me into a lot of danger.

In this particular scenario this client created a reaction in my gut (where my intuition sits with such things) where there was no logic other than it simply didn’t feel right. When it comes to business and being a practitioner as the main source of income, logic can play on the mind with such things as fabricating this sensation, being too sensitive (slight irony with that one) but ultimately I chose not to ignore it.

Gut instinct can seem inconvenient and annoying at times but over the years it has never been wrong and it has always kept me safe.

Whilst I lost a client from the logical perspective, my intuition responded by saying “did you really?”

When faced with danger, whether in healing sessions, readings, spiritual work or even something as simple as a coaching session, it is best to listen to those gifts that help conduct the sessions, because they are not only there to help the client, but also to keep the practitioner, you, safe.

Also, keeping in mind that danger isn’t always of a physical nature. There is the energetic danger which logic has a field day with, which is where hearing and recognising these warning signs can be imperative.

At the end of the day when it comes to gut instinct, intuition, the core voice that warns and is always right, it is greater than simple business logic; its purpose is to create options of safety and avoid unnecessary hurt.

If something doesn’t feel right, be it with a client with energy that makes the intuition scream or simply living life in the day to day, it is better to stop, take a breath and take heed, as this may actually save you.