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The Triquetra










The triquetra is a religious symbol that is Almost as well known as the Pentagram. Of course, Christians have adopted it into their belief system as well. Is it Latin for “three cornered” and is composed of there interlocking vesica piscis shapes.

It has Celtic origins and is Still widely used in Ireland. Generally, it is given in the form of jewelry and symbolizes love,honour,and protection. It is also known as a Trinity knot and some can be elaborate and complex while others are plain and simple.

The triquetra deals with the power of three, which is often seen as a divine number. This symbol that is formed from the intersection of three circles sometimes is shown with a fourth circle woven through it. When this is the case that fourth circle adds more weight to the significance.  It can connect the mind, body and soul and represents the way the three individuals are part of one whole. The circle can show spiritual unity with the divine.

Now, Christians take the triquetra to mean the father, son and holy spirit but this symbol pre-dates Christianity and has a myriad of meanings. It also shows magical, protective traits since it is one of those that can be drawn without your pen leaving the paper.

Some of turn meanings are:
life,death and rebirth
Earth, sky and sea
Physical, mental and spiritual
Mother, father and child
Power, love and intellect
Creation, preservation and destruction
Thought, Feeling and emotion
Other world, mortal world and celestial world
Past, present and future
The three bridgits ( art, healing and metalsmithing )
The most common pagan meaning is that it represents the threefold nature of the goddess- mother, maiden and crone

The requires was made popular with the TV show charmed and is actually shown in a large number of movies, shows and video games. Granted, not all representations are accurate or positive. But, because of all the power and meanings behind this symbol, it should be one you’re aware of.