February Book of Seasons!



The second month in my Book of Seasons begins with Bridget’s Day.


I offer the following as ideas for exploring the month in your book.

Just as a Book of Shadows is a personal expression of it’s creator, so too, is your Book of Seasons.



Our focus in February is




The awakening from hibernation



What makes February special for you and yours?  Gather together ideas from books, magazines and websites and copy or print out. I have file folders and three-ring binders to keep recipes and art ideas as well as inspirational articles and quotes.  Anything I do special for the month is recorded into my Book of Seasons and dated.  I am rubbish at taking pictures but when I do, I place them in the book as well. Usually a sketch to remind me of altar set up and artistic project is all I need.



Affirmation for February


The flame of Bridget radiates from within me to illuminate this place where I AM.

Each morning in a small journal I write my affirmation of the day. This is to help me stay on track and focused on my intent for the next 24 hours.  The affirmation for the month is to remind me of the bigger picture.  It is to center me for moving into my greater good and therefore bringing the essence of Goddess to my world.

Create an affirmation for your month or use mine.  Let it bring us closer in alignment to our path.





Art expression for February


Create a light garden


Let’s take our monthly affirmation and express it outwardly in an artistic way.  Since the flame of Bridget is a comforting symbol for me, I am crafting a table garden of light.


Here’s how I do mine.

I put a layer of pebbles on the bottom of a 13×9 inch glass brownie pan.  Then I fill with potting soil and top with live moss.   Often I will open a space in the moss and place a small dish to hold water and tiny walkways of flat pebbles around it. It looks like a small lake and path!  I then nestle birthday size candles in holders among the moss. At sunset on the first of February, I light the candles and welcome Bridget into our home. With misting, the table garden will last for years!



Food for February


Dairy based menu in honor of Bridget


Potato Leek Soup


Food is an important part of every season and February is month we can celebrate Bridget with dairy based food! And cheese fondue is the perfect blend of fire and dairy!


We are not eating dairy products in our home at this time, so we will cook up a big pot of potato leek soup! Some chocolate fondue for a fire element and a perfect meal is at hand!  A table set with cow cream pitchers and our candle garden with yellow and red plates brings whimsy to the meal as well.  As we say at our dinner table, “Blessings on this food!”



How do you bring the sacred into the season?