Magic of the Gods

The Great God Pan


The goat legged, cloven footed horned God Pan is best known for his role as God and protector of Shepherds and flocks, yet that is just one of his many titles. He is god of the wild places and of the forests and mountains, he who causes fear and panic in the hearts of men and beast. He is life and death and he who plays his reed pipes to call the north winds. Pan has the power to inspire lust, creativity and foreknowledge and is the panic felt when one finds themselves in dark lonely places. The word Pan means all.


Pan’s role as a Deity goes far beyond that of Shepherds and Goats, he is also the God of bees and beekeepers, God of music, God of prophesy and sometimes a minor God of the sea. Above all he is the God of nature and all things wild. He is also connected with fertility and the season of spring.


Often referred to by the other Gods as being the youngest of them, he is probably the eldest as he was worshipped in Arcadia as early as the 6th. Century BC. Arcadia is located south of modern Greece and is a area of fertile fields and mountains, which once was home to a goat farming people. Here Pan was born, amongst these hard working folks and was quickly embraced as their God. The worship of Pan quickly spread from Arcadia to Greece, migrating into many of the surrounding countries. Over time Gods with similar appearance and attributes where seen throughout the world.


Pan promotes debauchery and freedom, lust and uncontrolled passions. During the times of the ancient Greeks, he was often seen partying in the woods at night, surrounded by satyrs and his human followers, eating and drinking in excess and fornicating with humans and animals. Dionysus, the Greek God of wine was a constant companion of his. There are many stories about Pan, some quite humorous and many very sad. He is a God who was often scorned and ill treated and fell into deep sadness and rages.


During the reign of the second Roman Emperor, Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus.

Pan was proclaimed dead. A sailor, Thamus, on his way to Italy, heard a divine voice that told him that upon reaching the shores he should announce the Great God Pan is dead. Thamus obeyed the command and his announcement was meant by wails and cries of sadness and despair. Some believe that Pan was proclaimed dead the day Jesus Christ was born. Despite the declaration of his death, many still believe that this ancient God is still with us today. He is worshipped and loved by many Wiccans and Pagans as a powerful nature Deity and an archetype of male sexuality, stamina and wildness.

He has an energy that can be totally overwhelming and it can come charging at you like a million wild bulls, but don’t be put off, maybe before invoking Pan to work with you maybe first try meeting him in Trance, or equally go into the wilderness and ask him to come forth or find a glen and ask him to come forward.

If you do or have had experience of pan I would love to hear about it, leave me a comment to let me know how you met him and what happened.

Bright Blessings