NATURE ALCHEMY ~ Journey through Spirit in the Natural World



~ Gift of Wonder ~


“Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom” ~ Socrates


As the sound of the drum resonates with Earth’s sacred heartbeat, so Earth’s energetic life-pulse flows through Enchanted Falls. Waterfall’s natural phenomenon has been viewed with wonder since we first opened our eyes to her captivating spirit, in awe of her spectacular essence.

We have traveled far and wide to feel the dynamic sensation of Waterfall’s effervescent vitality, witnessing her pure energetic power with amazement. Throughout the ages, artists and poets have adored her with their paints and pens. Landscapers and gardeners build shrines to her in community structures and in their own backyards to enhance peace and mystique, enriching the beauty of the environment. In a world where miracles seem lacking, we flock to witness her dazzling beauty, and Enchanted Falls nourishes our search for the miraculous in our lives.

To see Waterfall with spiritually open eyes is to be cleared and cleansed of mental and emotional debris. Enchanted Falls can rejuvenate and clarify our senses, releasing our spirit to experience the magickal purity of her transcendent Gift of Wonder.

As Waterfall comes crashing down from rigid mountain heights she forms infinite waves of cascading ripples into a whirlpool below, then trails on a course through stream and river, touching all she embraces with power and delight. In smaller falls, she gently caresses Mother Earth in a sparkling array of shining glory. From the world’s tallest waterfall of 3,212 feet to seasonal miniature flows, boundless kinetic energy emanates from Enchanted Falls, and we can feel her vivacious spirit undulating through our very souls. This is a sublime state of divine rapture in the presence of Wonder.



I am here, before your very eyes!

Witness my Beauty, my Power, my Joy.

I am all encompassing, and I shower myself on you,

In Wondrous Love, and you can feel me within your own.

I rush to you, I splash you, I mist you with my power.

I am the manifestation of your own Soul –

In its highest glory to the Divine.

Breathe in my essence…Feel my essence.

As I will anoint you

With the Power of Wonder within.

You are a pure Child of Spirit.

Blessed are you to be.



Through the physical and spiritual realms of the Five Kingdoms in Nature:

Celestial, Elemental, Fauna, Flora, and Mineral

Water Sprite – (nymph/undine/faerie) an ethereal elemental being dwelling within the essence of physical water. Water Sprites living in waterfall environs are one of the most joyous Spirits in Nature’s Kingdom. They absorb the effervescent pure life-force of Enchanted Falls with eternal exuberance. The high energetic flow of Waterfall enhances their vibrant enthusiasm for life, and they react with an infinite abundance of love and appreciation for life’s eternal spirit of joy and spontaneity. Within their watery realm, the power, beauty, and enchantment of Wonder is their daily bread. We can learn from their natural enthusiasm by experiencing the infinite blessings that life perpetually offers. “Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.” Betty Smith, contemporary American author, shared this beautiful insight in her novel, “Joy in the Morning”. With an exultation of Spirit, this sentiment is vividly expressed by Water Sprites, as they blissfully reveal to us that life is meant to be lived with the eternal presence of Joie de Vivre through the priceless Gift of Wonder.

Mist – the elemental refined composite of air and water. Ethereal Mist is a sublime essence, inviting us to feel and transcend “beyond the veil” of the physical world into the mystical realm. Its Spirit dwells within a shape-shifting state of suspended animation betwixt the two worlds, where light, air, and water intermingle and transform it a magickal way. Mist embraces a sense of Wonder by its very nature. It is here where an elevated spark of the soul can be borne anew, amidst the cascading effervescence of Enchanted Falls. Wonder is a state of being where the heart is open to miracles. Beloved Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, discovered the quintessence of this marvelous sensation when he wrote, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” As we allow ourselves to relish in the exquisite delight of the Gift of Wonder, our hearts and minds can truly open to the beauty of life beyond our senses, into the realm of our sweet soul. Oh Blessed Be!
Salamander (Amphibia Caudata)  a tailed amphibian of the animal kingdom. Many salamanders are referred to as water lizards, appearing outwardly as a lizard, but living their whole life in a wet, moist environ. Around Enchanted Falls, Salamander dwells in little mud burrows, under damp logs, cool rocks, and fallen leaves. He swims energetically through the water pond and stream, using his tail and short legs as oars to propel himself like a living canoe. A most wondrous thing about Salamander is that he can regenerate his lost limbs and tail as an amazing survival tactic. If grabbed by a predator, the limbs and/or tail will drop off and wiggle around, distracting the marauder, allowing Salamander to escape. Within a few weeks, Voila!, another limb or tail will perfectly regrow. What a fascinating little creature! Ever-wise Albert Einstein sublimely stated, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” This alludes to the sense of marvel that Salamander’s enchanting life portends: the freedom to live with the pleasure of surprise existing in life all around us – the miracle of Wonder.
 Moss – (Bryophyta) small herbaceous rootless plants that absorb water and nutrients mainly through their leaves. There are 12,000 species of moss, and they commonly grow close together in damp or shady areas, many inhabiting Enchanted Falls. Throughout the ages, Moss has been used as a plant imparting a sense of calm, antiquity, and stillness to garden areas. In many pre-industrial areas of the world, societies used Moss for bedding, basketry, first aid dressing, clothing and building insulation, to extinguish fires, clean food prior to drying, and make bread during famines. Moss is successfully utilized in green roofs which offer many financial, social, and environmental benefits serving the surrounding communities, such as moisture absorption, providing insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and helping to increase air quality by lowering urban air temperatures. With all these amazing attributes, Moss truly is a miraculous wonder plant! American biologist and conservationist, Rachel Carson, credited with advancing the global environmental movement in her books, “Silent Spring” and “The Sense of Wonder”, declared, “It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth, and in the contemplation of her beauties, to know the sense of wonder and humility.” This sublimely reflects Moss’s beauteous ability to offer life the Gift of Wonder. As we align with Wonder in our hearts, life truly can become what we always wanted it to be – full, vibrant, and generous – like Moss’s bountiful spirit.
Kunzite – a rare gemstone first discovered in San Diego, California, at the turn of the 20th century. Kunzite’s soft pastel colors of pink, violet, green, yellow and clear symbolize innocence, hope, and purity of heart and mind. These beautiful qualities are synonymous with the Gift of Wonder, opening the heart to all forms of love, joy, and delight. As a stone belonging to the water element, Kunzite represents balancing and expressing the emotions to enhance love of life. An anonymous author wrote this endearing quote reflecting the heart-power of Wonder: “If what you see by the eye doesn’t please you, then close your eyes, and see from the heart. Because the heart can see beauty and love more than the eyes can ever wonder.” Natural power received from our own inner Enchanted Falls can help release blocks in matters of the heart, and move us to a more receptive state of Wonder, where life is lived to the fullest.



Moving through the spiritual energy of our own totem Enchanted Falls within, we can be blessed with the precious Gift of Wonder in conscious awareness to all life. Here, within the realm of Divine Enchantment, our True Self eternally dwells.

A personal ceremony can be performed to enhance the manifestation and integration with Waterfall’s all-embracing gift. This can be a private celebration between yourself and Waterfall Spirit, or you can invite others to join. It can be as ritualized as you desire, or naturally free-flowing, and include anything you want to say or any object(s) that intuitively feels in harmony with the act of thanksgiving for Waterfall’s blessing.

A powerful place to hold the celebration would be outside in a naturally wild area among Enchanted Fall’s presence, but physical location is not of prime importance. If you do not have access to this environment, any contact outside facing Waterfall’s auric presence would be helpful. If the celebration is held indoors, being in room with a window is encouraged to enhance the presence of natural elements, but if this is not possible, symbolically facing a natural area would be beneficial. Even if this locality is hidden or at a great distance, emanations from Enchanted Fall’s spiritual source are not obscured, as they flow freely throughout the Universe.

As a sample list, any of the following ideas below could be included in your celebration, and verbalized during a Blessings of Intention for Wonder affirmation ceremony (see below). Also, any of these offerings may be created and integrated into your ritual either physically and/or symbolically in Spirit.

  1. Begin with a personal intention of Wonder to enhance any general or specific aspect of your life.
  2. Lighting a white or blue candle to symbolize the elemental essence of Water Sprite’s joyful flow with Enchanted Falls.
  3. Visualizing and feeling the ethereal Spirit of Mist, guiding you into a mystical world of inner magick.
  4. Delighting in Salamander, the captivating little amphibian, who can instill the element of surprise in our lives.
  5. Feeling the soft and bountiful essence of Moss, offering serenity and abundant life growing within.
  6. Holding the pastel gemstone Kunzite, or any other stone resonating innocence and the purity of Wonder. Other related stones include Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, Turquoise, Jade, Chrysoprase, Diamond, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, and Beryl.
  7. Proclaiming intentional blessings for the Gift of Wonder. A simple statement in the form of a heart-felt declaration can attract and summon the heights of magick and power through the fundamental, positive act of intention. By the sincere act of a clear and pure desire, a personalized blessing can call upon the spiritual forces of unity within life – the source of your Infinite Self. You can use any of the following Blessings of Intention affirmations as a guideline to be included into your own personal declaration towards inner harmony and integration with the energies of Heaven and Earth. Written as non-denominational statements, these intentional blessings can be practiced by any single person, or unstructured or organized group, as their own personal form of prayer, charm, chant, invocation, or medicine, etc.
  8. A devotional affirmation of praise, honor, and thanksgiving, as suggested in Dream Song to Enchanted Falls (see below). This act of appreciation is enhanced with the powerful personal statement “I Am”, and especially when said aloud, can invoke the creative energies of manifestation radiating throughout the Universe, calling upon Waterfall’s Great Spirit to be infused into your life.  All or part of the Dream Song passages can be included in this holy prayer of purpose and gratitude, and they summon and embrace a wide range of natural spiritual influences, ancient mythology, and alchemical life-force energies from Native American, Deity, Celtic, Shaman, Indigenous, Pagan, and Wiccan cultures.



  1. With this sparkling candle, blessed by Waterfall Spirit, I dance with the joyful Water Sprites in eternal Wonder alighting my heart and soul.
  2. With the ethereal beauty of Mist, blessed by Waterfall Spirit, I dwell betwixt Heaven and Earth, feeling the magickal essence of mystical Wonder gently touching my heart and soul.
  3. With captivating little Salamander, blessed by Waterfall Spirit, I swim in the current of surprise and delight flowing within my heart and soul.
  4. With cool vibrant Moss, blessed by Waterfall Spirit, I feel luminous tranquility blossom with beauty and goodwill growing in my heart and soul.
  5. With glistening Kunzite, or other resonating gemstone blessed by Waterfall Spirit, I feel the purity and innocence of Wonder softly shimmering within my heart and soul.



O Beautiful Falls!

You touch me with your heart.

I am in your Mist of Love!

I am showered by your Wonder,

And you feed my soul with such delight,

I can barely contain my jubilation!

Such Joy, such Zest, such Hope!

I am standing within your Heart of Love.

I bless your Holy Being,

And adore your Wondrous Soul,

As you come tumbling down

And pour love upon my being!

Thank You, O Enchanted Falls, for your Gift of Wonder



~ From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs ~