Book Review: Witchy Crafts By Lexa Olick

Witchy Crafts

By Lexa Olick

© 2013 Llewellyn Books

ISBN: 978-0-7387-2618-2

278 pages

Paperback $19.99 (U.S.)


Witchy Crafts is more than just a book with Craft ideas and projects. The author starts the book with a discussion on materials with information on real over manufactured materials and how to tell the difference. starts out with a discussion of materials. It can be difficult to tell real from fake do to the way the items are advertised. I was not aware that feathers could be faked before reading this book.


In some craft books the author will advise using one technique or another that requires looking up that technique in another source. In Witchy Crafts all the techniques needed are listed and instructions provided. Included in this section are such topics as crocheting, herb drying, grouting, wax melting and tissue-mache.  There are also recipes for homemade paper, pomanders and scented pinecones. These techniques are useful for other imaginative crafts.


The second part of the book is a list of sixty projects with detailed instructions on how to craft these items. There is a wide variety of projects listed in this book from magickal tools to witch boards, pouches and poppets.


The Crafting section is divided into basic tools, items to be worn, items that recycle other items, poppets, statues, and sculptures, items for hearth and home, lotions, scrubs and soaps. Basically, there are a wide variety of projects with a little something to interest just about everyone.


I loved the rune project with runes made from salt clay. The bag for these was made from joining a cloth to a flower pot with a clay face added. There is wand holder made from incense cones. Along with these are a number of really impressive pieces of jewelry that look complex but are actually fairly easy to make.


Another impressive section covers how to fix mistakes. No matter how good the instructions or how carefully they are followed, mistakes do happen. This section covers most of the common mistakes and how to correct them.


I found a number of projects to try. All of the instructions were clear and easy to follow. There are a number uses of common products that I had not considered before going through this book such as turning bottle caps into runes or a flower pot into a bag and container for runes.


For anyone who has an interest in working crafts this book is a wonderful addition to their library.