Book Review: Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth by John Michael Greer

Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth

By John Michael Greer

© 2012 by John Michael Greer

ISBN: 978-1-57863-489-7

140 pages

Paperback $16.95 (U.S.)

Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth was both informative and thought provoking. The author starts with a brief discussion of the difference between a real and false Mystery School. Like most Mystery Schools this book is mostly a discussion of Seven Laws of Ecology. 

The Seven Laws covered are The Law of Wholeness, The Law of Flow, The Law of Balance, The Law of Limits, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of the Planes, and The Law of Evolution. Each of these laws is explained in terms of a meadow and how that law affects the meadow. This is then expanded on how that same law works in our lives. The author sums up with a meditation and affirmation.

Some of the laws seem simple and easy to understand; others require more thought, especially when applied to one’s own life. When so much popular press is pushing ideas like there are no limits to what you can do with magic, it can be difficult to accept that everyone has limits and how those limits fit in with the other laws. I found it easy to grasp each law as presented, but more difficult meshing them all together. I can see where I will be spending more time thinking and meditation over the information in the seven laws.

The book goes on to cover the Ecology of Magic, The Ecology of Initiation and the Spiritual Ecology of History. The Ecology of Magic deals with “making sense of the limits and possibilities facing humanity” and exploring the powers each of us has to use. The author discusses the popular notions concerning these limits and possibilities and the actual truth of the matter.

The Ecology of Initiation, an area where there is the biggest gap between truth and popular mass-marketed spirituality.  The author explains how short cuts rarely work, again reinforcing the Seven Laws. This is followed by a chapter on The Ecology of History. In a world where we expect quick fixes this chapter showed how slowly change actually happens.

This book is both informative and thought provoking. The Seven Laws are well presented and reinforced with meditations and affirmations. It may challenge some beliefs but is well worth reading.