This month in our Book of Seasons let’s focus on life joyously popping out all around us! We in the northern hemisphere are smack dab in the middle of Spring! Here in the southern states we are awash in yellow pollen.  Everywhere yellow!  A good rainfall cleanses the new leaves and colorful flowers so that they sparkle!  The air smells heavenly and baby animals and birds appear.


An affirmation for April could be –


    I am bubbling over with Divine Life!

Looking around at so much life returning to our world I, too, feel a stirring to bring forth something of great joy!  We give birth to many things and the tiny shoots and tender flowers remind us that we each bring our own gifts out unto the world.  Using our Book of Seasons, perhaps a list of gifts we would like to bring forth would be a nice start.  My list includes the gift of a smile to everyone along my daily path.  Joyfully releasing a weaving project to the greater world is another.   Spending time writing letters by hand to connect with my circle of friends is yet another gift.  The list grows each day as I reflect on how I may bring renewal to the sacred world.  This year my soul question is “Where am I needed?”


Playfulness seems natural in April and creating a Fairy house is just the project!  I once made a wee table and chairs of twigs and set it under a fern.  Complete with cups and saucers of acorn tops and bark it was the perfect spot for Spring’s busy helpers! I am weaving tiny banners as fairy prayer flags to be hung under our Lenten Rose plants.  Find something fun to do outside and write about it in your book.


And since yellow is the theme of pollen season, creating a menu of yellow food is in order.  Egg salad in butter lettuce cups with homemade pickles and a wild greens salad with dandelion, chickweed and wild garlic topped with violet flowers.  Fresh fruit and lemonade with something sweet for dessert fills the menu. A picnic under the newly blooming willow tree and the perfect day is at hand!


Take time to fill your April section with daily thoughts and observances.  What do you have to bring forth this Spring?


Blessed Be.