Meditation Moment

Affirmation Breathing


A simple meditation technique that can help you to easily shift your mood, release stress, and even trance out is what I like to call “affirmation breathing.”


This is an intuitive technique.  Breathe as deeply or shallowly, quickly or slowly, loudly or softly, forcefully or gently as you feel moved to.


With each inhale, bring something into yourself with an affirmative thought, such as “With Love.”  With each exhale, release or banish something with another affirmative thought, which could be as simple as, “I release.”


Use your powers of imagination to make this meditation more powerful.  What does breathing in love look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, sound like?  You might see yourself sitting in a beam of white light, inhaling a pink mist that feels like joy and warm fuzzies, smells of honeysuckle and tastes like chocolate and sounds like waves breaking on shore.


The pink mist of Love could saturate your cells, pulling up stress, hurts, fears, and stuck energy like a microfiber towel picking up dust, leaving your body on a relieved sigh.


The key in this meditative technique is repetition.  If you are worried about time, set a timer for five or ten minutes so you don’t have to keep count, and let yourself really get into the rhythm of it.


Maybe you don’t need to relax, but you need more energy.  In this case, you’d want to breathe quickly and forcefully and think “I am Powerful.  I am Radiant.  I feel Joyous.  I feel energized!”


Make your affirmations as simple or as complex as you need them to be, but keep them 100% positive.  Avoid the word “no,” and any words that describe qualities or nouns that you don’t like.  For example, if you meditate like this chanting, “No more fear,” what you are repeating over and over to yourself is “fear.”  Instead, you could chant, “I am strong.  I am safe.  I am protected.  I feel brave.”  Another positive chant for banishing fear could be “I Trust; I Let Go.”


You can use this technique anywhere: while pumping gas, going potty, eating, walking, sitting at a red light, standing in line, waiting on hold.


The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to manage your own mood and energy level, and the more quickly you’ll be able to change your life.