A Shamanic View

Spiritual Defense

In my shamanic practice one question I get frequently revolves around spiritual defense. Some are asking how to keep “bad” or “evil” spirits away. Some want protection from negative energy. Some suspect or fear spiritual or energetic attacks being directed at them. From a shamanic perspective, this is not about projecting any kind of force field or armor or shielding.

Shamanically speaking, the things we focus on we give power to. The more you dwell on the things you want protection from, the more vulnerable to them you become. Trying to project a defense just reinforces the need for it.

Consider how you might protect yourself from being mugged. You would start by avoiding dark places where you might be an easy victim. You might walk tall and purposefully, trying not to look like easy prey, knowing that most muggings are crimes of opportunity. The mugger looks more for the people who look weak and insecure, and less the ones that look confident and able to take care of themselves.

So many of the things we would protect ourselves from are very similar to those muggers. Those spirits are not wandering around looking for beacons of light and strength. Illnesses are a form of spiritual infection, but they’re not waiting around for the super-healthy to pounce on. They’re drawn to those who are already weakened, compromised, or dis-spirited. Negative energy tends to follow the path of least resistance. It is drawn to areas of (or people with) low or stagnant energy.

If you know areas are going to be stressful or traumatic places to be, remember that those areas are the spiritual dark alleys.

Wherever you go, project a sense of strength and confidence. But don’t just wear it like a mask! Own it. Be it. Don’t just believe–know that you are strong and vibrantly alive. Take steps to become so. Make it not something you do, but something you are.

Be full. Spiritually full. Whole. Nature abhors a vacuum. Cliché, perhaps–but very true. Past and current traumas can leave us with empty places (wounds) in our spirit/soul. If your energy is drained all the time it is like being under inflated. You are literally dis-spirited.

Scientific clean rooms pump additional filtered air in so dust and contaminants from outside stay out. Building lobbies often have a blower forcing air outward toward the door. That outgoing air keeps the hot/cold outside air outside. It is called “positive air pressure,” and the same idea applies spiritually.

So if you are vibrantly alive, if you are in touch with spirit/spirituality and your own self-identity, if you are healthy physically, mentally, spiritually–then you aren’t walking around drawing other things to fill you up. If you are spiritually full then there won’t be room for outside influences you don’t welcome.

You keep things out of you by being full of what you do want. The stronger you are inside, the more protected you are from what is outside. If things can’t get into you, do you need to expend energy on barriers and shields and walls?