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A Question of Blue Balls

Dear Mama Donna,

I purchased some small bright blue chalky balls from your online Spirit Shop. I am fascinated by them and find them to be beautiful. Could you tell me what they are? And what they are for? Thanks.

– Loving the blue balls in Brooklyn,

Dear Blue,

The blue balls are simply bluing. Bluing is a purifying agent. It’s what our mothers and grandmothers bought in bottles or little wrapped cubes, to add to their wash. It makes the whites white and the brights bright. The same as those little blue flecks in modern powdered laundry detergents.

These nickel and dime size blue balls are used widely in the Caribbean and Latin America. Puerto Rican women put these blue balls into bowls of water, which they place under the heads of their beds to promote clear dreams and visions.

Whereas Native American dream catchers are hung above the bed to filter out negativity from the dreams, the bluing under the bed act as a preventative against having bad dreams and nightmares in the first place. The antiseptic quality of the bluing cleans one’s subconscious thought patterns.

Bluing is used in protection rituals in many areas of the world. There is a very fine line between purification and protection, after all. If the atmosphere and energy is clean, there there is be no place for negative spirit to hide.

There is a town in the Rif mountains of northern Morocco where the doorways and windows, every opening and passage of every single building are outlined with thick borders painted with this same blue mineral as a spell against evil spirits entering through any aperture.

It’s like saying, “This is my house. Negative energy is not welcome here.” The famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo painted her entire house, which she named, Casa Azul (Blue House) with the same bluing agent to ward off harm.

I have painted the threshold of my door with a paint created from watered down blue balls. I drew the line, as it were, creating a boundary past, which unwanted energy cannot pass. It serves as an unwelcome mat!

So put your blue balls to work for you. Place them in a bowl of water an put it by a window. Or dip them in water and draw magical signs with them. Take a spiritual cleansing bath with them. Or, if you have grey hair, use them as a rinse. They will absorb and lighten any negativity in the atmosphere of your environment and your self, as well.

With blessings of blue protection,

xxMama Donna

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