Hally’s Hints

Energetic Safety First


There is a lunar eclipse this week landing nicely inline with the full moon in time for a beautiful time on the 1st of May. For some it is Samhain and for others it is Beltane. Whilst I live in the Southern Hemisphere, somehow I resonate with the Northern Hemisphere’s cycle. This may be relating to where I was born or simply how the energetic connection exists. Whatever the case it is going to be an energetically powerful time.


During this time there are the usual celebrations and things to undertake in conjunction with this time of year. However, there is something underlying that needs to be incorporated.


After the changes and ascension from 2012, this has not stopped and this has not come into a time of ease but one of greater growth; one of greater challenge. Some, perhaps most, have experienced that past few months as hurdles upon hurdles, two steps forward with five going backwards. It is for this reason that the energy during this time is going to be heightened.


But there is more to this. Some may have noticed an increase of negativity, an increase of ego and a decrease of tolerance. It is very much wanting everything yesterday however, not putting any effort in to get it. It is what I call the “quick fix” method. This is a result of these energies and many simply being affected. This too will pass, though not for another month or so.


As such, it is important to clean the crystals, to re-do the protective wards around the home and to keep each space energetically clean. This means doing this twice as often as what has been done in the past because what all of this boils down to is that the is a shift occurring. Not just any shift, of course, but one of significance. That is why the negative energies are rampaging and the light energies are ebbing and flowing. Hence the need for extra care, extra cleansing and extra protection.


When many do spiritual work, even something like casting a circle, care must be taken, especially now. If experimenting or developing gifts take care. This cannot be emphasized enough.


With change comes challenge and with challenge comes the opportunity for greatness. The Earth needs all of us right now and you need yourself. As bizarre as this may sound notice that many are ill right now and this can be prevented but it will take perseverance.


Enjoy the energies of the moon, the energies whilst the veil is thin but always protect yourself, your home and your loved ones. Spiritualism is not much fun when staring at the face of a demon and trust me, they are around.


Love comes from within; light comes from the heart – enable this to flow from within to the out and bask in the beauty that follows.