Warrior Women

Merry meet and welcome, welcome to my new column. My name is Cara.Luna. I am a witch, a crone, a mother, a grandmother, a retired teacher and a writer.

This column will be about women. Women just like you and me, but, faced with situations, some of their own making, some not, that would make a grown man cry, triumphed! I have to tell you, there are women out there who have inspired me to work hard to reach my potential. There are women out there who have achieved such amazing accomplishments, only a dead body would not be awed. I will introduce you to those inspirational ladies I call warrior women. Women who fought for their ideals, who persevered against all odds and continue to resist pressure, from family, friends and governments, to achieve their goals. I will introduce you to incredible strength in the form of Rafea Anad, who left her children and her home in Jordan to study in India for six months. She attended a school called Barefoot College with other women from many different countries. They learned how to put together circuit boards in order to bring light, via solar panels, to their desert villages. I will tell you about Wafa Sultan, a doctor in her native Syria, who began to question her belief system after her professor was shot to death in a classroom full of students. Her life experiences compelled Sultan to begin a new path of speaking out against repressive regimes and tyrannical religious systems. I will share the story of Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean; Maude Callen, a midwife in the rural South in the 1950s, who, through her efforts and dedication, saved the lives of countless babies and mothers; Rosa Parks, an American woman who, through sheer force of will, stood up to a rock-solid convention and subsequently changed the course of history. Strong women, successful women, warrior women are all around us. Take a good look at your mom, your sister, your friends. And don’t forget to look in the mirror.

Until next time…