Paranormal Path

Only a Game?

     I have always had a fascination with the different ways to conjure up ghosts and spirits, though I personally would never attempt to do so because the risks are too great.  I spoke before about the Ouija Board and how it stuns me this is marketed as a “game” for kids to play.  If you are inexperienced and unprepared the danger of inviting the spirit world in is immense.  Bloody Mary is another example I have talked about, a game that young people play at sleepovers trying to call this vengeful spirit to appear in the mirror.  Recently, I have come across more modern versions of “games” believed to call spirits if you follow the instructions carefully.

The Midnight Game or The Midnight Man is a recently popular one.  There are countless videos and blogs online of people attempting this ritual.  The introductions to the game always say that this was an ancient Pagan Ritual to punish those who did not follow rules, I am not certain of the truth behind that statement.  Those who are unfamiliar with Paganism are already uncomfortable with the term so I assume it adds to the “spooky” aspect.  The rules of this “game” say you must write your name on a piece of paper, put a drop of your own blood on it and light a candle.  Once the candle is lit, place it in front of the door on top of the paper.  They specify the door must be wooden.  Then the player is advised to knock on the door 22 times and the last knock must be exactly at midnight.  Open the door, blow out the candle, and then shut the door.  This has allowed the Midnight Man into the house.  You are then told to light the candle and continue moving around the house avoiding the spirit at all costs.  If your candle goes out, you must immediately relight it and keep moving.  If the Midnight Man catches you it is said you will have horrible hallucinations of your deepest fears.  Salt is advised in case you cannot relight your candle, to place a protective ring around yourself.  This continues until 3:33am, then the game is over and the spirit will leave.   Once again I do not advise attempting any of this.

One Man Hide and Seek or One Man Tag is another piece of insanity I came across.  This “game” says you must have a doll with arms and legs, remove the stuffing and fill it with rice.  Rice is believed to attract spirits.  They also advise you put your own fingernail clippings in the doll.  Sew the doll up with a crimson colored thread and bind the doll with the remaining thread.  Name the doll, to make it more powerful, or so the rules say.  Take a cup of salt water and a sharp object to wherever your hiding spot will be.  Take the doll to the bathroom, and say three times your own name and that you are the first “it”, and then place the doll in a tub of water.   Turn off all of the lights in the house and leave the television on a static, white noise channel.  Go to your hiding spot, cover your eyes and count to ten.  Return with your sharp object to the bathroom.  The player is then instructed to stab the doll and tell the doll that it is “it” now and leave the sharp object and the doll in the tub while you run to your hiding spot.  The doll is supposed to come to life by a spirit inhabiting it and start searching for you.  The purpose of the television being on is to hear the changes in the volume or the static sound changing to whispers or voices from the spirit.  To end the game you are suppose to take a drink of salt water and hold it in your mouth, take the glass with the remaining salt water with you and search for the doll.  Once found pour the salt water on the doll and say three times “I win” and cut the thread to release the spirit.

These “games” are very dangerous and in my descriptions I have left out specific details to prevent anyone from attempting such things and it working.  Salt, mirrors, water and fire are all powerful things used for centuries in spirit contact and communication.  Inviting spirits in is extremely dangerous and can result in terrible unwanted experiences.  Do not make yourself vulnerable to such things.  These are not “games” by any definition of the word.