Stones Corner



A spodumene, like kunzite.  Green.  Best known for drawing prosperity.  Clears heart to receive.  Eases love or money loss.  Calming.




Gently absorbs and uplifts stress, tension, anxiety, emotional intensity, etc.  Quietly loving and calming.  Works with the heart center, bringing greater gentleness, patience, tact.  Helps bones, teeth, and other calcium aspects of body.


Holly Blue


This stone is excellent for fish aquariums or for offering up as a symbol of connectedness to the Piscean Age now past.  It is an exceptional alter stone, and can be placed on the dining table to represent thankfulness for the sustenance received.  If is a purifier of air and water and can be cleansed in rose water once a week for several hours.  Acts on the 6th Chakra.