Simple Spells and Rituals

Happy and Blessed Beltane to everyone!  For obvious reasons I decided to share some easy and enjoyable Beltane rituals with you this month.  Witches usually celebrate Beltane on May 1st, although there are a large amount that prefer to celebrate around May 5th, when the sun reaches 15 degrees of Taurus.  Whatever works for you is fine.

Beltane is said to be the oldest known holiday, and it is of course still one of the four fire festivals in modern Pagan traditions.  It is also a fertility holiday.

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Beltane, the best known of which is probably the May Pole, but because I am a solitary practitioner and the May Pole just isn’t much fun alone, I’ll cover a couple of other easy and enjoyable rituals!

My favorite is a Beltane planting ritual.  This can be done as a family, with friends, or alone, depending on your personal situation.  If you have a yard that is going to be your planting spot do your prep work such as tilling, turning in compost, etc. ahead of time to allow for more fun and less work.    And if you don’t have a yard, or you’re having friends over to participate, then use pots instead.  Also worth noting if this date is still not past the safe planting date for your area, you may want to use seed starter cups and move them inside until that time.

It’s not necessary to cast circle unless you just prefer to do so, but definitely plan on spending time enjoying this connection with the earth.  To start, take time to either stand barefoot, or even get down so your hands and feet are all touching the earth.  Allow your self time to enjoy the feel and smell of the newly turned soil.  Connect with all the wonders around you, the early spring flowers already in bloom, the sun shining, you get the picture.  If this is being done with pots, pour the potting soil into a container that will allow everyone to connect by placing their hands in.  After you have allowed yourself this time to connect, begin planting.  If you have a deity of land or agriculture you wish to call on, by all means do so.  Take time to enjoy each part of the ritual including the watering at the end.  Think about the elements and their power, the life circle, the things that bring you joy at this time of year.  When you have finished the planting, enjoy some of the foods that are symbolic of Beltane, such as oatmeal cookies and milk, or fruits such as cherries, peaches, melon, as your libation.

One other quick ritual you can do is to tie ribbons to a small tree, or a hedge to be used as prayer ribbons throughout the year.  To bring fire into the ritual, remove the ribbons that have been tied throughout the year in prayer, and drop them into a fire that has either been built in an outdoor pit, cauldron, or whatever type of fire container you have, to symbolize that they have been heard, and add new ribbons to replace them.

Because of Beltanes connection with the earth and fullness this is an ideal time to perform prosperity magick.  It’s also a good time to make offerings to Mother Earth and the nature spirits.

However you choose to celebrate your Beltane I wish you Brightest Blessings!