How to Make a Wishing Bundle

Using law of attraction with everyday objects

How to Make a Wishing Bundle


True mystics know that the “law of attraction”, which became so popular with the DVD “The Secret” has been practiced for centuries.  The “law of attraction” is just a scientific way for doing what ancient sages called “magic.”


The movie, “The Secret,” discusses how to manifest things in your life by using a vision board. However, in the old days, and even now, wise women and men create a  wishing bundle to help them manifest their desires.  The bundle has the same concept as a vision board, but can be even more powerful because it requires you put a bit more effort into it.


The tradition of making a wishing bundle is hundreds of years old. All you have to do is gather items associated with your wish. You can bring in more money, a new car, a new job, but the concept is to put together items that represent your wish, and what you want to manifest. For example if you want more money you gather a dollar bill or a variety of coins with different denominations and other “representations” of money.


You first need a box, and a silver ribbon. The box is to hold all the things that represent your wish.

If you want a new house, gather together items that represent your new home. These could include seeds of flowers you wish to grow around the house, or a small model of the house etc.

When you are choosing the items you will put in your wishing bundle, always make sure that you include something silver. The candle you will light when you make your wish, and the ribbon with which you tie it together counts.  Silver is the color of the full moon, when magic is at its strongest. It is especially appropriate as we are hoping that the powers of our magical spirit will bring our wishes to “light”. Silver is also the color of intuitive visions and can help you bring out your latent potential.


To start here are the items you need to collect:

  • A box –shoe box is fine
  • A silver ribbon to tie the box and lid together
  • Items that represent your wish or what you want to manifest
  • A silver candle


  1. On the night of the full moon, take all the times you have chosen to symbolize your wish and place them on the table in front of you.
  2. When you feel ready and begin your spell light your silver candle
  3. Center your thoughts and focus on your mind completely on your intent
  4. One by one place the items in the box, you may say a prayer or chant. Like  “I place this flower into the box to find love in my life.”  Or whatever you are wishing for.
  5. Once all the items are in the box close it completely and begin to bind it up with the ribbon. As you, do so recite: With this ribbon I do bind, that it may my heart’s wish find.
  6. Now that your spell is complete and your box of items has been secured with the ribbon, place your wishing bundle somewhere safe. Do not open or touch it until your wish comes true.