Meditation Moment

A Meditation on Desire



    In the beginning, there was One.


    After a few million millenia, One got bored, and became Two.


    Consciousness, Stillness, Space – Shiva




    Energy, Movement, Matter – Shakti.


    Shiva and Shakti took one look at each other and fell madly, passionately in love. They immediately united with each other in every way they could, and there was much Big Banging.


    From their Union came all the photons that make light and all the particles that make the atoms that make the molecules that make the minerals and the cells and the bodies and the forms and the lack of form of all that exists, all that once existed, all that will exist some day.


    Shiva and Shakti are inseparable from their Creation – they exist within everything, including us.  Each of us is a unique expression of combined Consciousness and Energy, Stillness and Movement, Space and Matter.  Each of us resonates with a desire to combine in new ways.


    This month, meditate on your desires.


    When you are hot and thirsty, feel your desire for ice-cold crystal clear water.


    As you bring a glass of ice water to your lips, imagine that you are the water.


    Feel the water’s desire to become part of you, to touch your lips, your tongue, to slide down your throat and into your belly, where it cools you, restores you.


    Revel in the ecstasy of your union with the water, and give thanks.


    What else wants to become part of you?


    What else do you want to become a part of?


    What do you desire most of all?


    What can you do right now to move closer to unification with that desire?