Book Review: The Spellcasting Picture Book

The Spellcasting Picture Book

By Diana Rajchel

© 2008, 2011 Diana Rajchel

48 pages

electronic book available at http://www.dianarajchel.com

The Spellcasting Picture Book’s full title is The Spellcasting Picture Book: Visual tools for grown-ups. At first glance it does appear to be a children’s picture book and not a book for adults. Further investigation reveals this to be a fun and inventive book. The book is full of fun colorful pictures with directions or spells. The artwork is done primarily in crayon and inspires the reader to take the whole further with their own fun with crayons and spells. The author does state the spells are designed for the reader to figure some of it out for themselves. This is due to a belief that only the reader can define what does or does not work for them and design the appropriate follow up.  


The book covers a wide range of topics including grounding, centering, home protection, exorcism, Hecate and ghosts, dreams, spirit, hand of glory, signs and seals and much, much more. Each topic is presented with a colorful background as well as the words of the spell.


The first time I went through this electronic book I just enjoyed the drawings. They are all fun and creative, making me want to grab a box of crayons and see what I could create. Successive readings showed the depth of the material in the crafting of the spells.


This book is not for everyone. For those who love something different and creative it is a joy to read and may inspire others to try their hand at this creative art form.


The book can be obtained through the author’s website.