Meditation Moment



A Meditation on Oneness


It’s easy to say that we are one, and easy to believe it intellectually.  This meditation is for helping us experience that oneness.


To begin, I’m going to tell you a story.


Last week I had to fly on a plane for the first time in 18 years.  While I was sitting in my window seat, looking at my home state through the haze of turquoise sky, I felt my awareness expand the way it does in meditation and trance.  I looked at the people on the plane with me.  I listened to their voices, their laughter, their breath, and in my minds’ eye I saw their essence, that bright spark of childhood wonder that we never lose, though we might bury it deeply.  Maternal love, unconditional love, overwhelmed me.  I opened my palms and envisioned pink and gold light streaming from my hand chakras, filling the entire plane with that maternal, unconditional love, and I sat with that feeling as long as I could hold it.  In that moment, I felt our oneness.  I was aware that I did not know any of the strangers on the plane consciously, but unconsciously, at the atomic level, we were all the same energy.  We were all connected.  We were all one.  And that was a beautiful meditation, so beautiful; I want to share it with you.


Read through this meditation once, and when you are ready to try it, close your eyes.


Feel in your center the Divine spark, the source of all your love, joy, and growth.  Allow that spark to take over your perception.  Feel it expand.  See the subatomic particles and the energy, like stars in a galaxy, ever moving, ever constant.  Like the scene in the Matrix when all Neo sees is green code on black, except for you in looks like white, gold, silver, rainbow stars.


See yourself made of stars.  See the child you were, still alive with wonder deep inside you, and let her see herself made of stars.  Let yourself fill up with her wonder and joy.  Let yourself fill up with Love.  And now expand that love to strangers.  Expand it to encompass the whole world and every one and everything in it.  Hold on to that love and wonder as long as you can.


Then open your eyes.