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          Evocation has two different meanings today. If you have a ceremonial background than you would believe that Evocation is the summoning of a spirit or deity into a magic triangle that is outside of the ritual circle. The other meaning is that one evokes positive energy from within themselves, and this is typically done within the circle.

The Evocation of a spirit is quite complex, so I will touch on the latter meaning first, the ability to evoke the positive energy from within yourself. This you can do by yourself and can be quite empowering. Some people state that the words must be carefully picked and that they are the most significant part of Evocation. Others, they will tell you that the words are not nearly as important as the feelings and energies you put forth at the time of saying the words. Personally, I focus more on the energy. If you have never tried Evoking the positive energy within yourself, I have found “Evocation of the Witch” in Silver Ravenwolf’s book Solitary Witch, which I find quite helpful.

Evocation of the Witch

I am one with the universe

I am no-thing and am everything

I am the stars and the moon

The seas and the storms

The breathe of life

The alchemical change

The living and the dead


I am the power and the joy

I am the spirit that dances

I am the magic and the priest

The witch and the sorceress

The angels and the elements




I am the past, the present, and the future

I am the void

And I am the manifestation of my desire


Now, moving onto the other meaning of Evocation. This describes the method of inviting a deity, spirit or entity to join you either in or at the edge of your circle. One typically does this so they can observe your ritual and offer their energies to help you perform it. In order for this to be successful, one must have the ability to enter a certain state of mind that would allow you to access a higher consciousness.

We are conjuring their presence both physically and mentally and it is VERY strongly recommended that you research their origins, mythology, family, correspondences, likes and dislikes. Trust is critical as we must put our full trust into that God or Goddess. They have the ultimate power and because of this you need to treat them with the utmost respect.

If you plan on evoking a different type of energy, much more caution needs to be taken and you should never invite them into your circle. When summoning a different energy, a magic triangle is usually drawn outside of the circle for this reason. You also must be sure to have a secure magical circle so you are protected.

If you don’t see something manifest, or feel the energy change, that doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Sometimes the deity may turn up when you aren’t expecting them and so it may not happen when you ask for it. It may also be different than you expected so you need to approach it all with an open mind as there is not right or wrong way to interpret deities.

Vikki Bramshaw has the operations for evocation outlines in her amazing book Craft of the Wise.

          Scent- Incenses, oils, etc.

Sound- The spoken word- Petition to the deity or spirit, vibration of Gods names

Taste- Libation

Touch- Tools, oils, robes, etc.

Vision- The circle, the magical tools, statues, talismans, etc.

Visualization- Quieting and centering the mind on ones focus

The mind- Combination of these operations and reflection on their significance

Trust- Complete belief that the Evocation will work.

**A good rule of thumb is to only Evoke any sort of deity with the help of someone quite experienced.**

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