Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Living In Fear of the Monster


It has occurred to me that the majority of our society here in The United States live in a constant vibration of fear that they are not even aware of. Perhaps they just flat out deny that they are scared or perhaps they justify their feelings and manipulate their thoughts so that the fear appears to be a logical thought and not a fear at all. But what is there to be afraid of? I mean we live in The United States of America. Wasn’t this country built on the idea of freedom? We as citizens have a plethora of civil liberties such as: freedom of speech, religion, expression, press, assembly, privacy, due process, among others; so what in the world do we have to be afraid of? We are afraid of what every other human being is afraid of regardless of what country or culture that individual is born into. We are afraid of that which we do not understand.


Our shared fear manifests differently for each country or culture. For some this may manifest as war while for others in a different country it may look like sex and sexuality or bear the face of Satan. But for us, here in The US, the young, impatient, charming country that possesses everything it desires … what does that fear look like when we look under the bed at night? What is it we see lurking just beyond our reach? What is it that would motivate us to commit such violent acts: setting off a bomb in a crowd of thousands, stoning our sisters and daughters to death in the middle of the village or flying a passenger airplane into busy populated building on a Tuesday morning?


Each US citizen will proudly tell you that we are not afraid of anything and that “we won’t back down”. But I propose that this statement is a lie or at least a self-deception. We are afraid. We handle this fear with what we may label courage. Instead of waiting and being on the defensive we would rather risk it all and fight offensively. We as a society would rather stick our arm under the bed and grab that monster by the tail instead of waiting for it to attack us first. This move gives us the advantage, right? Honestly, I disagree. If we continuously live our lives based on the possibility of what might happen we are allowing fear to control us even if we convince ourselves that our actions are proactive. Those actions are responses to a possible situation which itself is a reaction to a fear.


For example: you believe that a monster is lurking under your bed at night. Your best friend, who has proven to have experience with nighttime monsters, believes that because your sister had a monster in her closet and you live in the same house it elevates your risk of having a monster under your bed (It has been discovered that monsters seem to appear in multiple rooms of one residence). Other friends in the neighborhood who had their bedrooms arranged the same way you do, who also had a sister with a monster in her closet, discovered they had a monster lurking under their bed. Your best friend informs you that you have an 87 percent chance that a monster is lurking under your bed and a 50 percent chance of having a monster in your closet.


Do you consider what these numbers truly mean before you take any action? They are a reflection of only a portion of the neighborhood population studied by your best friend. They are by no means a guarantee that you will be one of the 87 or 50 percent with a monster. After receiving this information, you decide to be proactive and remove the bed from your room replacing it with an air mattress. You also consider removing your closet door – just in case. You acted proactively. You believe that the risk of having a monster lurking under your bed is greatly reduced and you feel safe, secure and unafraid. But are you still living in fear or have you truly removed it from your life?


While I would agree that it is your room, your furniture and your life and that you have the ability to do whatever it is you want with it as long as it doesn’t impede on mine in any way. I personally am not comfortable living in such a state of fear where the only way I feel safe and secure is to remove furniture from my room. I would look for other options: rearrange my bedroom, hang a pentacle on my wall or sleep with a flashlight.  I believe that monsters appear in our lives when other aspects of our well-being is compromised. The monsters manifest physically when something energetically is not aligned and most especially when we are living in the vibration of fear. I believe that we can eliminate the lurking monsters by finding balance and harmony within and by aligning ourselves with our Authentic Self we enable ourselves to experience our True Will. At that moment there will be no need to attack the monster under the bed because for you it won’t exist.