Nelland Living

Hurrah all pagans!


The wheel-of-the-year has turned my life into a virtually continuous celebration! These days I live from Sabbat to Sabbat, enjoying the ride, always changing, always eagerly looking forward to the future.

This life I call Nelland. And I am called Nella.

So I am Nella from Nelland. I hope to make lots of smiley faces and uplifted spirits here, and in my life overall. For I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy!

What makes me happy, probably the most, is beauty. In nature and in life. Beauty is a powerful force, which in my opinion has only positive effects. It is my mission to add to the quantity of beauty in our world, and thus increase positive energy all over!

Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes – I am not only talking about a human being´s physical quality. Nature is filled with beauty, vast and small. It is often easily hidden from our eyes, but with a little concentration we can enjoy it. We just need to take a look.

Nature´s beauty is there for us readily served. How lovely! But we can contribute our own share to that by taking care of ourselves. When it comes to clothes and appearance, I say that since we have to wear something anyway, why not as well something pretty?

I come from a culture where comfort and practicality are put first, above all else. And I agree! But who said that equals ugliness?!

It has always been difficult for me to find fitting pants from the shops. If I can get a pair up and on, I look like a barn or a whale, although I am average sized. How depressing is that?! That is the reason I first ever bought a second-hand sewing machine, and started to learn how to sew. To be able to wear pants that really fit.

Many years have passed since that day, and today I have enough skills to make myself complete  outfits that fit me perfectly. Do you know how liberating that feels?! To know there is nothing wrong with the shape and size of me, but in the clothes hanging in stores.

These days I divide my year into eight sections, the Sabbats of course, and have a plan of five different outfits for work for each section. That´s fourty outfits per year. Sounds like a lot, but to those I hold and wear, year after year. For about six weeks at a time, and then it is time to change again. You know, when the wheel turns to the next Sabbat. That way I´m always dressed to the season/occasion, but on the other hand am helping reduce consumption by rotating my garderobe over and over again.
I have done this many years now, and am so pleased and happy about the whole plan that I want to share it with you too!

Nelland Living is also about eating healthy (mostly) vegan food. I have been happily vegetarian for twenty years now. I enjoy healthy food, but love unhealthy desserts! And I have them every day…

At home I decorate the house, inside and out, for each Sabbat. I usually leave the decoration up until the next one comes, so that the house is never empty and dull. I used to feel really sad after Christmas, when it was time to take the decoration down, because it felt like there was nothing left but bland and empty everyday life. But no more! Now I simply replace Yule with Imbolc, and feel refreshed and ready to move on. And I´m loving it!

The wheel-of-the-year has brought so much happiness into my life, that I want to express my deep and huge gratitude to all, past and present, pagans in the world for creating it, and keeping the tradition alive! Thank you all! And special thanks to PaganPages.org for inviting me to be a part of the family!

   To find more about Nelland, go to my blog  Greetings from Nelland! . That´s where I post and work my magic of happiness.
Welcome friends! Let the magic of positivity spread like a disease!

Happy days!