Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Wiccan and Satanism


When confronted by individuals who misunderstand Wicca and boldly state that it is a form of or is Satanism, I believe it is important to educate them on what Wicca IS as opposed to what Wicca IS NOT. Yes, I would state that Wicca is not Satanism and that the two spiritual paths are different but I believe that it is important to do so without degrading Satanism in the process.


I’ve heard individuals who identify as Wiccan say, “Wicca is not Satanism. We do not worship The Devil and don’t believe in Hell. Why would you assume we do?


And I’ve read statements such as:


Wiccan is not Satanism. Wiccans do not acknowledge the existence of Satan or God for that matter. To be a Wicca, the concept of a singular supremely evil being responsible for the damnation of man’s eternal soul is ridiculous.”


At first one might think that these statements are appropriate and acceptable but what are these statements saying about Satanist? And is this information accurate? How much do these individuals know about what Satanism is and what it is not? And do they even know enough about the origins of Wicca do make such statements?


Yes, it is true that Wiccans are not “devil worshipers” but are Satanist? If you believe that Satanists are “devil worshipers” why do you believe this? Are you making judgments based on a name or did you do research into what Satanists believe? Is this the same type of judgment that you are passing on Satanists that you, as a Wiccan or Witch, despise?


It may surprise you to discover that the majority of Satanists do not worship a deity known as Satan or The Devil nor do they acknowledge the existence of such an entity. The concept of a singular supremely evil being responsible for the damnation of man’s eternal soul is not something most Satanist believe in and … guess what? They also don’t believe in Hell. They view Satan not as an entity as Christianity does but instead as a driving force or energy. Satan represents: indulgence, vital existence, unified wisdom, kindness (to those who deserve it), vengeance and man.


And I am sure it would surprise you that Satanist and Wiccans believe in a lot of the same things … personal responsibility, respect for others and the power of magick. I believe that where we differ is our reaction to particular situations. As I studied the beliefs of Satanism I have seen that while the religion is a Left Hand Path, a belief system that is concerned with the advancement and preservation of the self, Christianity is a Right Hand Path, which holds beliefs in elevating spirituality and worshiping deity, and Wicca … well, I view Wicca as a Crooked Path. We embrace the ideals of self-actualization and self-deification, as well as the altruistic ideals of the Right Hand Path. We walk the path between the two, sharing beliefs and ideals of both – A balance, I would say with a smile.

So for me, understanding the path of Wicca and having some knowledge of Satanism, it bothers me when I read or hear fellow brothers and sisters of Wicca eagerly throw Satanists under the bus when they are being ‘accused’ of being Satanists because they fear that they are being associated with people that others have a distaste for. As I began, I agree it is important to educate others about Wicca but I would stick to discussing what Wicca IS as opposed to what Wicca IS NOT.