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Autumn Fashion: Ragdoll-look

The perfect garderobe… probably a myth more than reality. But I´m trying! The idea is to design and make five outfits for each Sabbat. Ones that I can rotate year after year. Saves both money and the Earth. Plus my nerves, because then I always have something to wear.

I have found that looking at least somewhat groomed makes one´s life much easier and lighter, thus even happier. We are all good looking, we just need to enhance our best qualities (both outer, and inner of course). When one looks good, one feels good. And that good feeling creates a positive, uplifting aura. And everybody who comes accross with that aura reflects it right back, making one´s life more enjoyable. So what you give is only a fraction of what you get back. Quite inspiring!

This outfit is for my Lughnasadh wardrobe. It is meant to be girly, carefree, and playful, definitely not one to be taken too seriously. Life should be fun!

There were two major sources of inspiration: ragdolls and Sarah Kay´s art. I combined the two and this is the result. The look includes the two most important colors for my Lughnasadh, beige and light yellow. I am mostly inspired by nature, and get my color schemes from there. The rest is imagination.

A girly, puff-sleeved tunic with a flared hem is where the designing of the outfit started.

Beauty and comfort are the two major keys to my fashion. I want to feel so comfortable in my clothes, that I don´t have to think about their existence throughout the whole day! I want to focus fully on life itself.

The knee patches and the print of the tunic is what comes from Sarah Kay´s art. The hand-stitching of the knee patches, buttons on the hem of the pants, and the overall loose comfyness is drawn from ragdolls. I love those dolls! They are innocently attractive (but deliberately not perfect) and totally unaware of it.


Originally I meant to make denim-like blue pants, but couldn´t find a good fabric. So my creative solution was to reverse the colors: beige pants and denim-blue stitching. Light yellow decorative buttons give a finished look.


  The pattern for the tunic is one of my favorites. I have used it to make several different looks, like The Bunny, The Cottage Look, or even a swimsuit. One pattern goes as long a way as my imaginations allows.

Happy autumn days!