Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Love Revolution


I have been a fan of Madonna’s since the release of her first album back in 1983. I resonate with many of the traits and characteristics that I perceive her to possess: confidence, motivation, intelligence and a keen business sense. I also find it endearing that though she may be surrounded by fame and fortune she still has many insecurities and fears that can be found in her music. I was aware that she was working on a project and couldn’t wait to find out what it was.


On the morning of October 9th I was thrilled to find that Madonna’s secretproject was available for viewing. I watched with high expectations but found that when the 17 minute black and white video finished, I was more confused than enthralled. Her project just didn’t resonate with me. And honestly I had more questions than answers. If her intention was to motivate me, well, then, she failed.


Secretprojectrevolution music narrative was co-directed by Madonna and Steven Klein. It presents a dark montage of torture, violence and a sense of nihilism, which is meant to explore the idea of artistic freedom and the limitations that have been encountered throughout the world. It ends with a dedication to “those who have been persecuted for who they are or what they believe”. In the video Madonna states, “People all over the world are suffering but the real enemy is intolerance. I keep telling everyone I want to start a revolution…” In one interview she said that she hoped that her film would be a call to action and give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression, intolerance and complacency. She believes that the power of art can lead to peace and while I believe that to be true, the presentation she makes with this video just doesn’t resonate with me.


Personally, I am a solid supporter of art especially when it comes to music. I am an individual that experiences music euphoria: a state in which I am enthralled by music. The vibrations of a song, a melody, a rhythm or tone can lead me into a trance where I can feel and see the sound within me and around me. I understand how music can be an altering and transformative experience and since I believe there is power in music, I also believe there is power in other art forms. The issue I am having with Madonna’s project is that her message and her images do not vibrationally align with each other. In her video she presents images of torture and violence with the purpose of sharing a message of freedom, tolerance and love. I don’t understand. Yes, the images are beautiful but they are not making me feel love. They make me feel anger. And anger aligns with the vibration of fear. Not love. Are the images inspiring? Perhaps but what is it they actually will inspire? Fear. Anger. Hate. None of which are love. How can Madonna claim to want to start a revolution … a love revolution while flashing images of shooting another individual point blank on the screen? It just makes no sense to me.


After watching the video I thought about Ghandi and how he acted when he wanted to protest oppression … he didn’t use violence instead he found other ways to make his intentions clear. He started his own revolution but aligned it with the vibration of peace, of love not fear. And he was able to make a stand and was successful.


I believe that many people in our society give contradictory messages when trying to make a statement and I don’t think they are successful as they could be in implementing what it is they are trying to say or do. I don’t believe their intentions are clear so their messages are misunderstood. I do think that many of these messages hold the vibration of love and harmony but the delivery is in misalignment just as Madonna’s is in her Secretprojectrevolution.


To spread love one must align with it – completely. Our words and actions or images should be a vibrational match if it is something we desire to manifest, especially when we want to motivate people to start a love revolution.