December in our Book of Seasons


Winter is my favorite season of the year.  Shorter days and longer nights are the in-breath of the year’s cycle.  Now we can pause amid the flurry of busy-ness and remember the deep connection to all of the elements as each can be clearly viewed at this time of year.  Pay attention to how earth, air, fire, water, and spirit show themselves to you in the dark of winter.



Affirmation for December


In the darkness of winter I stand and illuminate this place as a beacon for others to remember that the Light shall return.



Lights are everywhere in our environment.  Light pollution is an actual problem!  How, then, are we to fully experience the joy and mystery of winter?


A lovely way to honor winter’s solstice is to use candlelight.  Turn off electric lights and use oil lanterns and candles.  Allow the darkness to surround you.  Peace and quiet watching the dancing shadows is a nice way to spend an evening.


How does this season of winter show itself where you live?  What gift does it bring?  Create a collection in a basket or bowl of the gifts revealed by winter.  This can be used on an altar or as decoration.  How does the season affect your mood?  What joy can be found for you to illuminate?



I send each of you Light and Love as the darkness enfolds us this winter.


Brightest Blessings!