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Trees and Their Spirits


Tree spirits are nature deities relates to a tree. They are loosely connected to their physical bodies because they are multidimensional and enjoy freedom. Some tree deities are the dryads, hamadryads, Meliae, hathor and rakapila. It is Also believed that sometimes ghosts use trees to hide in while on earth, and that some trees can be haunted by bad spirits


Trees are connected to the Underworld through their roots. Their trunks and lower branches are in our world, and tall trees and branches connect to the upperworld. they can connect to other realms as well. The aura of a tree has seven layers; four of those ate outside the tree. The fifth is in the bark and the last two are inside the tree. Each element of a tree has meaning. Their leaves help them to express themselves through different shapes and colours. Also, when leaves are green it represents healing, vitality and abundance. Branches help trees teach and expand. They help find freedom and sunlight. Their hearts belong in their trunks as trees are renewed from the inside out. And, lastly their roots can be seen as anchors to mother earth.


Trees are some of the oldest life forms on earth and we share a special relationship with them since trees provide us with oxygen and we provide them with carbon dioxide. It is important to develop relationships with the spirits in the woods Where you may do magick work.


ask the forest to guide you to a tree willing to work with you and follow your intuition to find it. Not all trees like people as many have be hurt or damaged in the past. You can try to work with on, but if they are not willing – do not force yourself upon it. Move onto another tree. Sometimes they just want to be left alone.when you find a friendly tree, ask permission to sit with it. You should always introduce yourself and tell them the purpose of your visit. If you’re in need of healing you can ask the tree to heal you while you sit with it. Sometimes trees need healing too. We can draw energy from a tree by giving it some of our unwanted energy in exchange. Also, meditating under a tree can help you feel grounded and help take away negative energy.


It’s very important to remember to have respect for trees and the spirits within them.

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